31. Works to protected trees

An application for works to trees subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) and/or notification of proposed tree works within a conservation area.

If often helps to get advice from a tree specialist before submitting your application, he or she will normally be able to help you to apply, and you will need to get a quote from a reputable firm.

When the application is received, it is dealt with like a planning application.  This means that neighbours, the Parish Council and any interested parties will have an opportunity to make comments on the proposed work.  In view of this consultation period, we expect to make a decision within 8 weeks.

When you receive permission, this is normally subject to conditions.  You will need to take advice on these.  In particular, we normally say that we must be given five days notice of pruning, because we need to make sure that only the right work is carried out.

Works to protected trees application form

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