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Social Media 

We use a variety of social media and other online tools to communicate and share information with our residents, visitors and friends. Click on the headings below for more details and links.

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We use Flickr to host photos. We have a creative commons licence which allows you to share and embed our photos.

Our creative commons licence is Attribution, Non-commercial, No Derivative. This means you can copy, distribute, display, and perform the work as longs as you give the original author credit, is not for commercial purposes and you do not alter, transform, or build upon this work.   

 We have a wide variety of videos -  including events at North Weald Airfield, recollections of Waltham Abbey at War, the ‘Olympic Torch Relay' and an interview with actor Ray Winstone.


 We make a wide variety of data available via RSS, including:

If RSS data is available, it is normally marked on the page, either adjacent to the related information, or at the foot of the page. You can view RSS feeds using a feed reader or your browser, you can also subscribe to feeds using many email clients


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