Current Policy

At present this Council has a mixture of policies from the Adopted 1998 Local Plan and the Adopted 2006 Local Plan Alterations in force.

Local Plan Alterations 2006 - Saved policies

All but three of the policies have been saved by GO East - read more below:                                                                                                                                           

  • GB14Ahas been superseded by changes in the national General Permitted Development Order and is now unenforceable
  • H1A has been superseded by housing targets within the East of England Plan
  • ST3 has been superseded by the requirements of the application validation checklist

The Documents below comprise the Combined Local Plan 1998/Alterations 2006 Policy and the letters from GO-East regarding the saving of policy.

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N.B. The Combined document contains the POLICY TEXT ONLY - for accompanying text / maps / tables / graphs etc, please see the original documents - Please note that policies GB14A, H1A and ST3 have now been deleted.

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