Economic Development

Town Centres Study (TCS) (2010)

The TCS was commissioned by Epping Forest District Council and undertaken by Roger Tym & Partners.  The study looks at retail and leisure in the six main centres of the District; Epping, Loughton High Road, Waltham Abbey, Loughton Broadway (Debden), Chipping Ongar and Buckhurst Hill (Queens Road East). It provides information for future retail and leisure requirements within each centre.

This is part of the evidence to help in making decisions for new planning policies for retail and leisure in the new Local Plan. The TCS also provides background information for future decisions on planning applications for retail and leisure within the District.  Errata: Table 6.13 on page 73 of Volume 1 (Final report) should read “Zone 3 North West Rural Epping Forest”

Employment Land Review (ELR) (2010)

The ELR was jointly commissioned by Epping Forest District Council and Brentwood Borough Council, in order to achieve savings across the two local authority areas, and to reflect a previous relationship between the two areas included in the draft East of England Plan.  The ELR was undertaken by Atkins (Consultants) and has been completed in accordance with Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 4: Planning for Sustainable Economic Growth” to consider employment land demand and supply across the study area over the period 2011 to 2031.

It summarises the existing key strategic policy issues, and provides an assessment of socio-economic conditions and prospects across the study area. The ELR then goes on to consider a number of scenarios for employment floorspace growth over the study period, and assesses the suggested growth rate against the current position in terms of employment land supply. Finally, a series of policy recommendations are included for further consideration as part of the preparation of the new Local Plan.

Viability of the Horticultural Glasshouse Industry (2003)

The report was commissioned by the Council and prepared by Reading Agricultural Consultants, in association with Gerry Hayman and Hennock Industries.  The report was intended to provide information on the viability, prospects, and the future nature and scale of development of the horticultural glass industry and associated services, to assist the Council in determining its revisions to planning policies and land allocations for its area and planning applications for glasshouse and related development.

Review of Lee Valley Glasshouse Industry Policies (2012)

This report is produced as part of the Evidence Base to inform the forthcoming policy review that is being undertaken by Epping Forest District Council in 2012 in relation to glasshouse planning policies.

Shaping the Future (2010)

The report was commissioned by the Local Strategic Partnership 'One Epping Forest' and the Council, and prepared by officers at Essex County Council, in collaboration with the Local Strategic Partnership 'One Epping Forest' and the Council.  Shaping the Future is a data profile of the Epping Forest District to support the production of the Sustainable Community Strategy, and the new Local Plan.  It sits 'above' the individual Ward-level data profiles.

More information on the Local Strategic Partnership can be found on One Epping Forest website.

Putting Epping Forest First: Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) 2010-2031

The SCS was commissioned, and organised, by the Local Strategic Partnership, One Epping Forest and produced by One Epping Forest.  The SCS is the long term plan to deliver better quality of life and improve the economic, social and environmental well being of the Epping Forest District over the next 20 years and beyond. Based on a clear understanding of local needs and residents priorities it seeks to support ‘sustainable communities’ for the future.

Epping Forest District Council Economic Report (2015)

Economic and employment evidence to support the Local Plan and Economic Development Strategy.

Joint Economic Report (2015)

Economic evidence to support the development of the objectively assessed housing need for West Essex and East Herts.

Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) Scoping Report (2010)

The SA Scoping Report was commissioned by Epping Forest District Council and was undertaken by Scott Wilson (Consultants).

The District Council is in the initial stages of preparing a new Local Plan for the district – this is the key new planning policy document which will look ahead to 2031 and eventually replace the existing Local Plan.  All new planning policy documents need to be subject to SA – ie an assessment of the likely economic, environmental and social effects of the new policies. The SA provides information to help everyone judge whether the new policies being put forward are the most appropriate, and whether changes should be made. It is therefore important to get it right.

In preparing the SA, its scope and level of detail need to be agreed before it is used to assess issues, options and policies. This stage of preparation of the SA is called the “Scoping Report”.  Consultation on the previous draft of the SA Scoping Report ran from 17 May 2010 to 9 July 2010.  The final report was produced by the consultants, having considered the responses made to the consultation.

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