Local Land Charges

To submit a local land charges search please contact (for land ownership enquiries please go to the HM Land Registry link below)


  • Local Land Charges, Epping Forest District Council, Civic Offices, High Street
  • Epping
  • Essex
  • CM16 4BZ


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  • 01992 564327, 01992 564158 or 01992 564079
  • DX 40409 Epping

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Other information

For all land ownership enquiries go to the HM Land Registry website.

Contact our local land charges team 

LLCLocal land charges


A Local Land Charges search is required to inform a purchaser of the existence of obligations or 'charges', enforceable against successive owners by local authorities, or central government.

A 'charge' describes a burden imposed on land with which successive owners or occupiers of land and/or property must comply. The charges detailed on the local land charges register would not normally be disclosed by looking at the title deeds or inspecting the land or property itself.

Local land charges may be of financial or non-financial nature.

This service is not to be confused with the District Land Registry. If your enquiry relates to ownership of land you should direct yourself to the Peterborough District Land Registry.


Local land charges register

The local land charges register consists of 12 parts. The following are examples of the types of information or 'charges' that might be found on the local land charges register.

  1. Financial charges: detailing amounts of money that are due to the local authority, usually these amounts have been incurred as a result of works carried out by the council in default.
  2. Conservation areas: these areas have been designated by the authority as areas containing special architectural or historic interest. Obviously it is desirable to preserve or enhance these areas. This designation gives additional controls over new buildings or demolition works. The conservation area designation also helps to protect trees. Therefore before carrying out any works to trees within a conservation area contact the Planning Office for advice.
  3. Smoke control orders: only certain approved types of fuel can be used in smoke control areas e.g. smokeless coal.

In addition to the registrable items revealed on the local land charges register a potential purchaser will also wish to know of any notices about to be served on the property which will become binding upon any new purchaser upon completion.

To cover these important but non-registrable items the questionnaire form CON 29R is available.

CON 29R enquiry form and CON 29O optional enquiry form

Please download the following PDF for further Information on submitting a search.

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Contact Ringway Jacobs for Highways Enquiries

  • The Land Charges Team,  Essex Highways, E3 County Hall, Market Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1QH
  • DX 3322 Chelmsford
  • Telephone 01245 342616 or 01245 342527

Any information relating to other roads, footpaths, etc. must be clearly identified in Box C on the CON29 R form and/or marked on the plan.

If you have any additional enquiries relating to Highways please contact Essex Highways direct.


Submit a search

When submitting a 'local land charges requisition for search' you should include forms LLC1 and CON29 in duplicate (these forms are obtainable from solicitors or law stationers).

You should also send a cheque made payable to Epping Forest District Council for the correct fee.

f you have a plan of the premises send us 2 copies outlining the relevant area clearly in red. We do not usually require them for numbered residential premises - but we will always need 2 plans in the case of land, sub-divided premises, named premises or industrial sites with the area outlined as described above.

Personal search

By appointment only between 9:30am and 11:30am.

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