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Home Mead Local Nature Reserve

Home Mead Local Nature Reserve
England's Lane


Size: 1.82 Hectares

Owners: Epping Forest District Council.

Parish: Loughton

Grid Reference: TQ 43852 97839 {phocamaps view=link|id=6|text=Map}

LNR Declaration: 23 December 2004

Access: The reserve is reached from the main entrance situated off England's Lane, Loughton. There is no formal parking so please park sympathetically in the neighbouring streets.

Site Description: At just under two hectares Home Mead is a relatively small site.  However, it still contains an interesting mosaic of woodland, scrub, pond and acid grassland.

The woodland that is developing on the site is only young, less than 30 years old, and has spread by natural regeneration into the once open grassland. In spring the wildflower meadow is a patchwork of yellow tormentil and blue bugle both of which are important for different butterfly species. Areas of scrub now form an interface between the open grassland areas and the woodland. This too is important habitat for butterflies.

The management of the site was taken over by Countrycare in 1999 and since then has been managed by keeping the scrub from encroaching onto the wildflower meadow, coppicing the scrub to create a varied age structure able to support several different species of invertebrate and thinning out the trees in the woodland to allow more light through to the ground flora.

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