TwigThe Lambourne Woods


Today, the Lambourne Woods consist of six named woodlands owned by Essex County Council. They all sit within the working arable landscape to the southeast of Abridge Village.

Four of the woods are designated as Local Wildlife Sites and are classified as semi-natural ancient woodlands. These are particularly important for their biodiversity value and act as an important link between the forests of Epping and Hainault.

All the woods have open public access and can be accessed via the public rights of way network which run across fields, along green lanes or on farm tracks.

The woods are great to visit all year round, but they are at their most spectacular in springtime when the woodland flowers are in full bloom and carpets of bluebell dominate.

The Lambourne Woods are:

  • Apes Grove Wood, Ep96
  • Great Wood and Mutton Corner, Ep106
  • Jubilee Plantation
  • Conduit Wood and Featherbed Lane, Ep102
  • Half Moon Wood

More information on the individual woods can be accessed through the side menu.


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