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Each home that stands empty is a wasted resource. Within Epping Forest we have a growing demand for homes, for rent or for purchase, and we want to see empty properties brought back into use as quickly as possible. A property left empty and neglected for a long time can bring problems associated with vandalism, squatters, rodents and nuisance - as well as being unsightly and detrimental to the local environment. Maintenance and repair costs can be reduced and there can be other financial advantages in bringing a property back into use, such as revenue from rent and reduced insurance premiums.

There are many ways we can help, by offering advice and assistance along with information on letting, selling and private leasing. There are several schemes and incentives:

The PLACE loan  This is an interest free loan that is available to owners of empty properties to renovate their homes to a suitable standard for selling or letting. The maximum loan is £25,000 per unit of accommodation and the loan must be paid back within 2 years for a ‘loan to sell’ and 5 years for a ‘loan to let’. For further information contact the Empty Property Officer on 01992 564706. You can download a leaflet on the PLACE loan below.

Empty Homes Repayable Assistance  Owners of qualifying properties could get a grant up to £10,000 to bring their home to the Decent Homes Standard, provided they intend to live in it themselves or rent it out for 5 years.

To decide whether you are eligible for Empty Homes Repayable Assistance you need to complete and return an Initial Assessment Form. 

Report an empty home using our online form


You can report an empty property using the online form, or if you would like to discuss any property or issue relating to empty homes, please call the Empty Property Officer on 01992 564706. All calls and information received will be treated in confidence.

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