Building Control application forms and fees

To apply for Building Regulations an application form must be submitted, and an appropriate charge is to be paid.  The charges vary according to the type of application submitted and the extent of the work to be carried out.

Full Plans submission will be required where the building work is to be carried out on non-domestic buildings.

Full Plans submission will be required where:

  1. Domestic extensions are proposed unless it can be shown on the drainage plans submitted that the work does not require an agreement with Thames Water Authority.
  2. Any new dwelling(s) proposed will be fronting a private road.

Either a Full Plans Application or Building Notice application may be made for all other domestic work.

Application for a Regularisation Certificate may be made for building work previously carried out where no Building Regulation application has been made.

Following the legal status of drains since 1st Oct 2011, please contact Thames Water Utility for further information. http://www.thameswater.co.uk/.


Completed Forms should be sent (with payment and required documentation) to:

Epping Forest District Council
Building Control applications
Civic Offices
323 High Street
Essex CM16 4BZ


Building Notice Application

If the building is domestic, and will not have a designated use under the Fire Precaution Act 1971 a Building Notice application will normally be acceptable.


National Guidance Notes

Building Notice requires full payment in advance, but only general plans of the work to be undertaken, the work is checked for compliance with the regulations as it is underway.

Full Plans Application

If the building will have a designated use under the Fire Precaution Act 1971 a Full Plans submission will be required.  In general this applies to all non-domestic properties.


National Guidance Notes

Full Plan submissions require the submission of full detailed plans of the works, and payment of a proportion of the fee at that time.  The remainder of the fee is payable when the plans have been approved and work is to commence.

Regularisation Certificate Application

To be used for any retrospective application.


National Guidance Notes

These applications are VAT free, but a 20 percent Regularisation charge should be added to the fees.

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You can request site inspections in 2 ways

  1. Call 01992 564141 during office hours
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We cannot inspect a site unless a valid application has been submitted.

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