Harlow and Gilston Garden Town

The Harlow and Gilston area was designated as a Garden Town by Central Government in January 2017.

What is happening?

East Herts, Epping Forest and Harlow District Councils along with Essex and Hertfordshire County Councils are working together to ensure that, good quality villages and neighbourhoods, homes, jobs and infrastructure are provided for new and existing residents in and around the Harlow area.

“Harlow and Gilston will be a joyful place to live with sociable streets and green spaces; local centres accessible by walking and cycling and innovative, affordable public transport” 
Harlow and Gilston Garden Town Vision 2018

What is a Garden Town?

A Garden Town is well-planned development that enhances the natural environment, provides opportunities for sustainable travel and helps to tackle climate change.

It provides high quality housing along with accessible jobs in beautiful, healthy and sociable communities.

Garden Towns will provide

  • A mix of house sizes and types, to cater for all, including those most in need
  • A wide range of jobs in easy access
  • Beautifully designed homes and neighbourhoods – the best of town and countryside
  • Homes and buildings which enhance the natural environment through biodiversity and zero carbon approaches, and ensure climate resilience
  • Good shopping, cultural and recreational facilities in walking distance, that support sociable neighbourhoods
  • Integrated sustainable transport, in which walking, cycling and public transport are the most attractive options
  • Land value capture for the benefit of the community
  • A strong vision, with leadership and community engagement
  • Long term stewardship of land and facilities

Why do we need a Garden Town?

The Garden Town is an exciting opportunity to regenerate the area and to deliver homes, jobs and infrastructure that the community needs. New development will complement the natural environment, embrace new technology and enable all residents and workers to travel by foot, bicycle and public transport in and around Harlow on high quality routes.

What is being built?

Set in attractive countryside, with major investment in transport and community infrastructure, plans are being developed for new neighbourhoods to be established to the east, west and south of Harlow along with 7 new villages to the north. New homes will also be built within Harlow.

The Garden Town area will provide for 16,000 new homes up to 2033. A further 7,000 new homes are planned for the Gilston part of the Garden Town for the period beyond 2033.

The town centre will be regenerated, thousands of new jobs will be created and further investment will be attracted for the Enterprise Zone.

This is the Garden Town

Harlow and Gilston Garden Town map

What about infrastructure?

  • New nursery, primary and secondary schools to ensure there is a school place for every child
  • New high quality health centres
  • Leisure and sports facilities, as well as hubs for community activities and events
  • Integrated transport which will include a sustainable transport corridor and safe and attractive routes for walking and cycling
  • Scenic parklands, woodland and gardens as well as a wide array of outdoor sports facilities for all generations
  • High quality employment space and jobs
  • Restaurants, pubs and cafes
  • Supermarkets, convenience stores and independent shops

Key dates

  • Now - Engagement and consultation on The Garden Town Vision
  • Autumn 2018 - Engagement and Consultation on the Garden Town Transport Strategy and Sustainable Transport Corridor
  • 2018/19 Consultation on masterplans - Outline planning applications and design codes
  • Late 2018 - Gilston Outline Planning Application
  • Late 2018 - Engagement and Consultation on the Garden Town Housing Plan and Economic Development Plan
  • 2018/19 - Planning applications expected during 2019 and beyond

Key considerations for the Garden Town

  • Adapatable
  • Healthy
  • Sustainable
  • Innovative

How can I be part of it?

We want you to be involved in shaping the vision for the Garden Town.

Over the coming months we will be consulting you in a range of ways about the Garden Town project and we will post details on our websites and via social media.

You can also find further information about the project on our websites.