Applying for a House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) licence

If you own or manage an HMO with 5 or more people sharing facilities you need a licence.

Our online service allows you to submit your application, upload your supporting documentation and pay the appropriate licence fee.  Applications must be made online as paper applications are not accepted.

You will need to upload the following paperwork with your application form:

  • a gas safety cerificate
  • fire alarm and/or emergency lighting test certificates
  • an electrical installation condition report
  • portable appliance testing certificate(s)
  • a floor plan of the property showing room sizes, position of bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, the kitchen layout, position of smoke and fire alarms and fire doors.

Apply online

The application process

A licence must be applied for before a property is occupied by five or more people, who share facilities and are unrelated.  However, if your property is already occupied by five people and does not have a licence, apply immediately as provided the licence criteria are met a licence may still be granted.

Licence fee

A licence fee per 5 units of accommodation is £809.00 and an additional £32.00 is charged for each extra unit of accommodation.

An HMO Licence is only valid for one property so if you  have more than one property then you will need a licence for each of them, and applications must be made to each Council the area where each HMO is located.

We will grant a licence if: -

  • the property meets the minimum standards for an HMO in Epping Forest District Council,
  • the applicant is a fit and proper person, the most appropriate person to hold the licence and is competent to do so,
  • the management arrangements are satisfactory,
  • the financial arrangements for the management are suitable,
  • any necessary planning consents have been obtained.

We will visit the property from time to time to ensure that licence conditions are being met.

Licences will normally be granted for a five year period but the Council may grant licences for shorter periods in certain circumstances such as if works are required at the property or the Council has concerns regarding the management arrangements.

What happens next

Upon receipt of a complete HMO application, an officer will contact you to arrange an inspection of the property.  The minimum time taken for this process is six weeks, but can be longer.  Applicants will receive updates during this process.

Licence application redress

Please contact if you are not happy with a decision the authority has made. If you are not happy with our response, you may appeal to the Resident Property Tribunal. You must make any appeal within 28 days of the authority's decision. Details of how to appeal will be available to the HMO owner/manager once the Council has informed the decision.

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