Waste collection day changes

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Improvements to the domestic waste and recycling service will result in changes to the collection day and times for many residents. New calendars and information are being posted to every household as Epping Forest District Council and Biffa make the changes.

Biffa refuse freighter

No collection on a Monday

Bank Holiday Monday catch-ups are going to become a thing of the past. From Tuesday 12 May 2015, Biffa will work longer hours between Tuesdays and Fridays with no collections at all on Mondays.

Collection times likely to change

Even if your collection day stays the same, the time is likely to change. The end of collections on Monday will have a knock-on effect for everyone. So if you are used to seeing the dustmen later in the day, be warned that they may start to collect your refuse and recycling earlier in the morning.

Put your rubbish out by 7am at the latest to ensure you don’t miss them.

Residents will be able to recycle more

The basic collection method won’t change.

  • Garden and kitchen waste – Biffa will still collect this weekly in our green-lidded wheelie bins
  • Glass – Biffa will still collect this in blue boxes
  • Dry recycling – Biffa will still collect paper, plastics and cardboard in your clear sacks
  • Residual waste – Biffa will still collect this in the black-lidded wheelie bin fortnightly

Textiles, batteries and small electrical items

We are also going to collect textiles, batteries (not car batteries) and small electrical items, such as radios, toasters and hairdryers, as part of the new kerbside service. Just leave them in a tied up carrier bag in front of your bin. Textiles will be collected on your clear sack recycling week. Electrical equipment will be collected on your black wheelie bin week.

Latest technology

A brand new fleet of refuse vehicles equipped with the latest technology is on the way. Recycling vehicles will have separate containers so 1 lorry can collect blue box glass and clear sack dry recycling at the same time. It will mean fewer vehicles are needed, which is good news for reducing traffic congestion, pollution and fuel costs, as well as increasing efficiency.

Vehicles will also be fitted with satellite trackers so the council knows where each one is on its route at any time during the day, allowing the council to identify ‘missed collections’. Vehicles will carry 360-degree cameras to monitor the safety of the crew, the progress of the vehicle and the placement of bins at the kerbside, as well as hand-held devices to record issues such as contamination.

Epping Forest district residents are among the most environmentally friendly in the country. Recycling rates have been consistently around 60%, putting the council in the top-10 in England. As well as being beneficial to the environment, recycling reduces disposal costs, which helps Epping Forest District Council keep the Council Tax down.

Find out more

In addition to the online collection timetables, there is information about how to reduce, reuse and recycle on our website.

Residents can also email erefuse@eppingforestdc.gov.uk for help or call the council on 01992 564608.


Oakwood Hill spring clean day

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Oakwood Hill Estate Residents Association is holding its first ever Clean-Up Day on Saturday 25 April 2015 at 10.30am.

Residents will be helping litter pick and general tidying up of the Oakwood Hill Estate in Loughton.

Oakwood Hill spring clean flyer

All who take part can enjoy some well earned refreshments in the Oakwood Hill Senior Citizens Club Hall afterwards.

Epping Forest District Council is supporting this initiative by supplying equipment and operatives to assist those taking part, as well as removing anything collected at the end of the exercise.

More information

For more information contact Richard Jones


Councillors shown how recycling is sorted

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Councillors were shown how the district’s recycling is sorted at Biffa’s materials recovery facility in Edmonton. Taken on a tour of the materials recovery facility on Wednesday 18 February 2015, they saw how the district’s material is separated out before being sent on to different re-processors.

Simon Crook, Biffa Operations Director, Cllr Will Breare-Hall and David Marsh, Waste & Recycling Manager

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The facility at Edmonton is fitted out with some of the most modern technology for the high quality processing of recyclable materials. The group were given a tour of the facility and were able to pose questions to Biffa’s Production, Scheduling and Inventory Manager.

New recycling services

Biffa started collecting the district’s recycling and waste in November 2014. They introduced the collection of food and drink cartons, commonly known as Tetrapaks, and in May 2015 small items of waste domestic electrical and electronic equipment, such as irons, kettles, toasters, audio equipment etc., will be collected weekly.

Also in May, Biffa will start what are known as ‘one pass’ recycling collections. These are made possible by brand new, more efficient, collection vehicles that have 2 separate compartments, one for dry recyclables and one for glass containers.

This will provide a fortnightly same day, same time, collection for all dry recyclables, meaning fewer collection vehicles on the roads, less traffic congestion, and lower vehicle emissions.

One of the UK’s top recycling authorities

Councillor Will Breare-Hall, Environment Portfolio Holder, said: “It was fascinating to see how our recycling is sorted and then bulked up and taken to re-processors to be recycled into new materials. Nothing from Biffa’s materials recovery facility goes to landfill so Epping Forest residents can be confident that their commitment to recycling is making a real difference.”

“Our new partnership with Biffa offers residents an even better service and helps us to maintain our position as one of the UK’s top recycling authorities.”


Council Leader talks to the Guardian

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Councillor Chris Whitbread, Leader of Epping Forest District Council has responded to a request from the Epping Forest Guardian for his reflections on the past year and some thoughts on the future.

Councillor Whitbread is also a local businessman based in Epping.

Councillor Whitbread says that looking back, 2014 was a generally good year for Epping Forest District Council. The Tour de France stands out as a fantastic event and showed what can be achieved by the community. He is optimistic about the local economy, saying that it has definitely picked up with busier high streets.

The Council continued to cut costs and improve services such as the new waste and recycling contract. Councillor Whitbread says it was with great pride that councillors started building new council houses for local families for the first time in many years.   However, the year was tinged with a note of sadness as the Council lost three dear friends and colleagues, Councillors Penny Smith and Ken Avey and former Councillor Joan Davis.

Looking ahead, Councillor Whitbread says the Council faces further challenging savings targets but he is confident and committed to protecting services that matter to residents as well as keeping the Council Tax low. He explains that Epping Forest District Council has always used its assets to fund services. It has industrial estates, shopping parades and North Weald Airfield.

Following the award of the new refuse and recycling collection contract, the Council is looking to turn Langston Road depot in Loughton into a brand new retail park. As the income from the park comes on stream in years to come, Councillor Whitbread says there is good reason to be confident for council services going forward.


#OurDay a day in the life of your council

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Wednesday 26 November 2014 was #OurDay, a Local Government Association (LGA) initiative using Twitter to give the public an insight into the hundreds of jobs councils do every day.

#OurDay is an opportunity for people who work in local government to share about their working day and the services they are providing. From binmen to housing officers, Chief Executive to countryside team, and everyone in between there are lots of local government stories to share.

#OurDay poster

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Want to know more?

Find out what was tweeted


New waste contractor plans to recycle even more

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Today, newly-appointed contractor Biffa Municipal will start collecting Epping Forest’s household recycling and refuse, heralding some changes to help the district recycle even more.

These changes won’t alter Epping Forest’s well-proven system of 2 wheeled bins (1 for refuse, the other for food and garden waste), recycling sacks (for ‘dry’ recyclables like paper, cardboard, metal cans and plastic containers) and a blue box (for glass containers), or collection frequencies.

Biffa, whose 40-plus local authority clients include some of England’s best recycling authorities, starts work on Monday 3 November 2014, there will be one immediate change – residents will be able to add food and drink cartons (commonly known as tetrapaks) to their recycling sacks.

Biffa logo

One pass collections

A bigger change comes next April when Biffa will start what are known as ‘one pass’ collections. Made possible by new, more efficient, collection vehicles that have 2 separate compartments, the one pass service will collect both dry recyclables and glass containers together every fortnight, providing a same day, same time, collection for all dry recyclables.

This will mean fewer collection vehicles, less traffic congestion, and lower vehicle emissions.

April 2015 will also see the start of a new weekly service to collect small items of waste domestic electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) such as irons, kettles, toasters, audio equipment etc. All residents need do is put their small WEEE in plastic bags alongside their mixed food and garden waste bin, and Biffa will take care of the rest.

There is no change to fortnightly collections of refuse in wheeled bins.

From next May, Biffa will deliver 100 clear recycling sacks every year to every Epping Forest household, enough for an average of 2 recycling sacks each fortnight. Residents needing more clear sacks will still be able to collect them from the usual outlets.

Excellent recycling record

Councillor Will Breare-Hall, Environment Portfolio Holder for Epping Forest District Council said: “Epping Forest already has an excellent recycling record, thanks to the efforts and commitment of our residents. We’re asking them to help Epping Forest become one of England’s best by supporting the service changes we’re introducing with Biffa.

“From November, residents can add tetrapaks to their recycling sacks, and from next April they can put small waste electrical and electronic equipment out for collection by Biffa. It’s that simple.”

Divert even more waste towards recycling

Nigel Jones, Biffa Municipal’s mobilisation manager, who will oversee more than 100 staff providing recycling and refuse collections and street cleansing in Epping Forest, said: “For months, the Biffa team has been preparing for its new contract, and is confident that the planned changes can help residents to divert even more waste towards recycling.”

15th best in England

According to the 2012-13 Defra recycling tables, Epping Forest’s recycling rate is just over 58%, 15th best in England. Biffa’s plans for diverting more household waste to recycling, reuse and composting should help push that rate to over 60%, hopefully putting Epping Forest in the top 10.

Last year, nearly 51,500 tonnes of domestic waste were collected from the district’s 54,000 properties, of which 30,279 tonnes of materials were sent for recycling, composting or reuse.

Find out more about recycling and waste

Information leaflets about Epping Forest’s recycling and refuse collections are being delivered to all 54,000 households in the district.

Campaign leads to drop in litter across Essex

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The ‘Love Essex’ campaign led to a reduction of over 40% in fast food litter across the county.

The campaign, running throughout the summer, saw Essex local authorities join forces with Essex County Council, RP2 media, The Highways Agency and fast food partners, McDonalds, KFC and Dominos, to raise awareness of the issue of litter and the risk of fines for those that offend.

Love Essex logo

It also gained national support from environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, which undertook a review of the campaign, including monitoring of specific sites over several weeks. Its findings, announced this week, have shown a 21% overall decrease in the amount litter across the county, with a 41% decrease in branded fast food litter.

Encourage even more people to ‘Love Essex’

Councillor Will Breare-Hall, Portfolio Holder for the Environment said: “Keeping our towns and countryside clean costs Essex taxpayers over £17 million a year, money which could be better spent.”

“To achieve a 41% decrease in fast food litter is great news but it is important we don’t stop here. We’ll continue to tackle littering across the District and encourage even more people to ‘Love Essex‘.”

Noticeable drop in the amount of litter

Cherry Lewis-Taylor, McDonald’s Franchisee also added: “Since the ‘Love Essex’ campaign started, there has been a noticeable drop in the amount of litter that you see around the county which is great. I think the results of the campaign demonstrate the power of councils, businesses and communities working together across the whole of Essex.”

“I hope that we continue to see the amount of litter in the area decrease and would encourage people to carry on disposing of their litter responsibly.”

Successful campaign

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Phil Barton added: “The ‘Love Essex’ campaign is a model of how, by working together, businesses and local authorities can make a real difference.”

“The partnership is to be congratulated on its successful campaign. It provides a model that could be replicated up and down the country to help keep the places where we all live and work clean and litter-free.”


Retro recycling shop opened in Epping

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ECCO, a boutique-style environmentally conscious recycling shop was opened in Epping by Councillor Tony Boyce, Chairman of Epping Forest District Council at the beginning of October. The ribbon cutting ceremony represented a major step forward for the charity which moved from temporary accommodation in to the new shop with a ten year lease. The larger shop now has a wide range of vintage, modern and retro furniture as well as household items and clothing.

Recycle your batteries

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battery complianceIt is now possible to recycle your used batteries at the council offices in Epping.

A battery recycling point has been installed at the civic offices in the High Street in Epping, in conjunction with BatteryBack, a battery recycling company. Batteries can be placed in the eye-catching container, which is situated in the foyer of the building.

Chairman of Council Councillor Tony Boyce and Councillor Waller

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Once collected, the batteries are sorted into chemical type, bulked up and then sent on to treatment facilities for 100% recycling, recovering all base metals and plastics.

Chairman of Council Councillor Tony Boyce and Portfolio Holder for Safer, Greener and Transport Councillor Gary Waller launched the new scheme on 7 October.

Excellent scheme

Chairman of Council Councillor Tony Boyce said: “This is an excellent scheme which will divert even more batteries from landfill. Our residents will be able to recycle their batteries when they come in to collect their recycling bags or even when paying their Council Tax.”

Councillor Waller said: “This council is already one of the top councils in Essex for recycling. This scheme can only help us to recycle even more.”

Find out more

Anyone wishing to recycle their batteries should bring them to the civic offices during normal opening hours (9am to 5.15pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 5pm on Friday) and deposit them in the container.

For further information, please visit www.batteryback.org/battery-recycling.html


Transparent democracy – holding people to account

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Residents can now tell Epping Forest District Council what subjects they want councillors to examine.

Healthy Democracy

Most business people will tell you that the best decisions are made by small groups or individuals. The same is true at Epping Forest District Council where a small group of councillors called the Cabinet take most of the decisions. However, unlike business, councils have to be open, inclusive and accountable to everyone who lives and works in the area. Healthy democracy requires a means of holding that small group of councillors to account to the rest of the Council and everyone who lives and works in the district. That is the job of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

How is O&S made up?

O&S is one of the most dynamic and important Council committees. Made up of councillors drawn from all the political groups on the Council, its job goes beyond holding the Cabinet to account. O&S also has the power to call any public sector organisation or public utility including the health, education, social care and the police for public examination. O&S meetings of Epping Forest District Council have looked critically at hospital services, cuts to the police and the provision of Broadband across the district.

You can nominate subjects for discussion

Until recently it was up to councillors to decide what issues O&S investigated. Now the Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Councillor Richard Morgan is asking local people to nominate subjects or organisations for closer examination. He said: “O&S uses the spotlight of publicity to make its case. It can’t alter a Cabinet decision or make the health services reduce waiting times at A&E. That is for others to do, but the attention it can bring to a problem or debate is a powerful tool for change”.

Councillor Richard Morgan continued: “Quite a lot of our work is generated by councillors either unhappy with a decision of the Cabinet or concerned about an area of policy we think should be examined and possibly changed. We also spend quite a bit of time challenging the assumptions and decisions of other organisations. Bringing an organisation such as the Probation Service or London Underground in to explain themselves can focus the mind remarkably well. All our meetings are open to the public and webcast so you can see exactly what people are saying. Now you can tell us where you think we should be looking.”

How do I submit my topic for discussion?

O&S doesn’t cover planning or licensing applications but most other areas are open to review. If you want Epping Forest District Council to investigate a public service or issue relevant to the district contact

Next meeting

There will be a new work programme from June 2014, the overview and scrutiny committee will consider requests at their next meeting. To view the current work programme  for the latest overview and scrutiny committee agenda document pack and a look for work programme monitoring towards the end of the agenda.