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Volunteer Day - Thornwood Common LNR
09.08.2012 10.00 h
Countrycare Events


Thornwood Common LNR, Thornwood.

There are two main tasks for today. The first being cutting and raking, primarily along the banks of the bund and along the vehicle’s access track. We will also be installing two new field gates at the vehicle access point.

Meet: 10.00am,Thornwood Village Hall, Weald Hall Lane, Thornwood. 
Grid Reference: TL 473 046.

***Don’t forget we pick up from Loughton Station every Thursday at 9.30 am. All volunteer days start at 10am on site unless otherwise stated. The Countrycare Office telephone is (01992) 788203 and the Countrycare mobile phone number is 07789 372018.  For the very latest up to date information about all our work go to the Countrycare web site



Thornwood Flood Meadow Local Nature Reserve
Thornwood Flood Meadow Local Nature Reserve


Size: 2.7 hectares 

Grid Reference: TL 471 045  {phocamaps view=link|id=16|text=Map}

Parish: North Weald

Owners: Epping Forest District Council

LNR Declaration: 23 December 2004

Access: There is open access over the reserve and the entrance is via a public footpath from North Weald High Road, Thornwood Common. 

Site Description: Thornwood Flood Meadow is one of North Weald's three flood storage reservoirs created in 1998 by the District Council and the then National Rivers Authority. Originally designed to alleviate flooding in Thornwood village the site is also managed for nature conservation and is home to several species of bird.

From the outset Countrycare has managed the site in partnership with the Council’s  Flooding and Land Drainage team based in Environment and Street Scene. Specially designed wetland scrapes were dug and a wetland meadow species was sown to maximise biodiversity. The site’s development has been a massive success reflected in its designation as a Local Nature Reserve in December 2004 after just six years. Contractors carry out much of the heavy engineering works and volunteers working with Countrycare have been responsible for the majority of the important habitat works that have been undertaken. Since 2002, this work has been helped by The Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme. This has enabled the planting of over 800 trees creating 200m of boundary hedgerows and financial assistance with the hay making.

The site is of interest all year round, but arguably looks at its best in June when the meadows are in full flower. Plants such as ragged robin, oxeye daisy and knapweed add a splash of colour and attract a range of butterflies and other insects. The wetland scrapes are ideal for dragonflies in the summer and wetland birds such as snipe can be seen in the winter if you are lucky.

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Telephone: 01992 564224

Or you can write to us at:
Countrycare, Epping Forest District Council, Civic Offices, High Street, Epping, Essex CM16 4BZ


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