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Heron - Nazeing Triangle Local Nature ReserveWhy not visit one of Epping Forest District Council’s local nature reserves ? 

Our 9 local nature reserves (LNR's) are all varied and home to a diversity of wildlife from wildflower meadows to fens, ancient woodlands and ponds. So take a visit where you can breath fresh air, take a stroll or simply sit, admire the views and absorb the peaceful sounds of nature.

Under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949, district councils have the power to designate sites of nature conservation interest as statutory local nature reserves. 

LNR's are intended for both people and wildlife and they are places that can simply be enjoyed and where people can have contact with, study and learn about nature. 

EFDC’s first LNR, the Roding Valley Meadows, was designated in 1986, and is also a special site of scientific interest (SSSI). The Reserves range in size from the largest LNR at 56 hectares (Roding Valley Meadows LNR) to the smallest, but still diverse, at 0.6 hectares, Nazeing Triangle LNR.

Your 9 local nature reserves are

  1. Chigwell Row Wood LNR                                      
  2. Church Lane Flood Meadow LNR                        
  3. Home Mead LNR                                                    
  4. Linder’s Field LNR                                                   
  5. Nazeing Triangle LNR                                             
  6. Roding Valley Meadows LNR                               
  7. Roughtalley’s Wood LNR                                      
  8. Thornwood Flood Meadow LNR                          
  9. Weald Common Flood Meadows LNR      

You can find out more about each local nature reserve by using the links on the right-hand side menu of this page.          


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