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Nazeing Triangle Local Nature Reserve

Nazeing Triangle Local Nature Reserve


Size: 0.6 Hectares

Grid Reference: TL 41433 06549 {phocamaps view=link|id=12|text=Map}

Parish: Nazeing Parish Council

Owners: Nazeing Parish Council

LNR Declaration: 12 June 2001

Access: Open public access with street parking only on Betts Lane. A wheelchair accessible boardwalk takes you right to the centre of the site

Site Description: This peaceful pond and wetland Nature Reserve lies in the centre of 'Old' or Upper Nazeing.  Nazeing Triangle is our smallest Local Nature Reserve at 0.6 hectares, however that doesn’t make it any less important. It boasts an impressive population of Great crested newts and Smooth newts and is home to several dragonfly and water fowl species as well.

The Nature Reserve itself is probably one of the smallest in the country and is roughly triangular in shape, hence its name. It is enclosed by a Hawthorn hedge and has a small area of wildflower meadow near the entrance which supports a variety of plant species including ox-eye daisy, birds foot trefoil and self heal. The remainder of the site is predominantly wet and is either open water or reed bed dominated by common reedmace.

The pond has existed for about 230 years and supports two distinct habitats.  One area is dark and shaded by mature willow and will be home to dragonflies that thrive in that habitat, the main part of the pond is very open and in full sun which is a contrasting habitat for different species.

A good time to visit the Reserve is early summer when you will see Broad bodied chasers and Emperor dragonflies patrolling the pond.  If you’re lucky you may see a Newt breaking the surface of the water to breath

Countrycare and its volunteers have managed the site for over 20 years in partnership with the owners Nazeing Parish Council.

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