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Weald Common Local Nature Reserve

Weald Common Local Nature Reserve


Size: 2.92 hectares

Grid Reference: TL 49903 03972 and TL 5195 04209 {phocamaps view=link|id=17|text=Map}

Owners: Epping Forest District Council

Local Wildlife Site: EP124

LNR Declaration: 23 December 2004

Access: Access to the nature reserve is on foot via gated access points from the public open space owned by North Weald Bassett Parish Council. There is open access to the meadow nearest the village, but the furthest meadow is restricted. Please contact Countrycare for access.

Site Description: The Weald Common flood meadows consists of two meadows created in 1996 as part of flood defence measures to protect the village. While their primary role and reason for creation was flood alleviation it was possible from the outset to maximise the site for biodiversity gain.

A wet meadow was created within the bowls of the meadows and these have established quickly. In spring flowers like Cowslips dominate much of the meadows and frogs and newts can be seen breeding in the ponds and ditches.  In early summer plants like Ragged Robin take over give a hint of pink to the fields. On warm days a grass snake or even a common lizard may be seen basking in a sunny spot.

Countrycare manages the site in partnership with the Council’s Flooding and Land Drainage section.  Volunteers working with Countrycare have been responsible for the majority of the important habitat work that has been undertaken.  Since 2002, this work has been helped by The Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme. This has enabled the planting of trees creating 340m of boundary hedgerows and financial assistance with the hay making. In addition, it has also funded a programme of hedgelaying so that now the entire hedge bordering the western meadow has been laid.

In March 2012 the management of these hedgerows was awarded an Essex Wildlife Trust Living Landscapes award link to news page based on the benefit to wildlife, local economy and people. Find out more about Hedgelaying.

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