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All Saints Churchyard, Epping Upland


Volunteer Day - All Saints Church, Epping Upland.
23.08.2012 10.00 h
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All Saints Church, Epping Upland.

Today we will be helping the church warden by cutting and raking the wildflower area of the churchyard.

Meet: 10.00am, Parking at the church, off Epping Road.

Grid reference: TL 444 045.

***Don’t forget we pick up from Loughton Station every Thursday at 9.30 am. All volunteer days start at 10am on site unless otherwise stated. The Countrycare Office telephone is (01992) 788203 and the Countrycare mobile phone number is 07789 372018.  For the very latest up to date information about all our work go to the Countrycare web site




All Saints Churchyard (LoWS Ep71), Epping Upland
All Saints Churchyard (LoWS Ep71), Epping Upland


Size: 1.2 hectares

Grid reference: TL 44375 04527 {phocamaps view=link|id=21|text=Map}

Owners: Diocese of Chelmsford

Access: Open public access

Local Wildlife Site: Ep 71

All Saints Church sits on a prominent site in the small settlement of Epping Upland where it is likely there has been a Church for a least a 1000 years. The current building is thought to date back to the 13th Century although it has been much altered over the years. The churchyard of All Saints boasts a rich diversity of grasses and wildflowers with many such as quaking grass, lady’s smock, cowslip and lady’s bedstraw indicating old unimproved grassland. This type of grassland is now one of the rarest and most threatened habitats in Essex. It is vital that these grassland and all their associated wildlife are preserved.

Countrycare first became involved in managing All Saints Churchyard in 1993. Since that time Countrycare staff have worked in partnership with the church wardens and maintained the site annually with volunteers. It is always a very peaceful place to visit, but it perhaps looks at its most spectacular in early spring when it is carpeted with cowslips.  

On a visit it is also worth looking out for the large slate grave of John Jones a drover from Wales who was buried in the churchyard in the mid 19th Century. His grave gives a fascinating insight into our historical past.

Find out more about the church and John Jones by following the links below:

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