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Copy Wood Field


Volunteer Day - Copy Wood Field, Nazeing
30.08.2012 10.00 h
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Copy Wood Field, Nazeing

Time for our yearly task at Copy Wood Field to cut the wildflower meadow, with a chance to enjoy the views of the countryside from atop the hills of Nazeing.

Meet: 10.00am, car park next to the Traveller’s Friend Pub, Epping Road, Epping Green

Grid reference: TL 434 055

***Don’t forget we pick up from Loughton Station every Thursday at 9.30 am. All volunteer days start at 10am on site unless otherwise stated. The Countrycare Office telephone is (01992) 788203 and the Countrycare mobile phone number is 07789 372018.  For the very latest up to date information about all our work go to the Countrycare web site



Copy Wood Field
Copy Wood Field


Size: 0.7 hectares

Grid Reference: TL 42267 0490 {phocamaps view=map|id=25} or {phocamaps view=link|id=25|text=Map}

Ownership: Copped Hall Estate

Access: Accessible via the public rights of way network. A footpath runs through the site leading from Epping Long Green.

Countrycare has managed this unimproved meadow since 1986. Situated on the northern edge of Nazeing Common, this small field is in fact part of the Copped Hall Estate. 

It is especially notable for its spring flowers and butterflies and forms part of the Epping Long Green West Local Wildlife Site Complex Ep55. 

Each year staff and volunteers undertake a haycut that helps the wildflowers to thrive.

{phocadownload view=file|id=1187|text=View the current management plan for Copy Wood Field|target=s}


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