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Swaines Green


Volunteer Day: Swaines Green
22.10.2015 10.00 h
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Swaines Green, Epping

Another chance to do some raking or deal with the bramble and blackthorn on Lovelocks Meadow. Meet: 10.00am Parking as per 1st October.

*Don’t forget we pick up from Loughton Tube Station every Thursday at 9.30 am*. All volunteer days start at 10am on site unless otherwise stated.  The Countrycare Office telephone is 01992 788203.


Swaines Green (LoWS Ep82), Epping
Swaines Green (LoWS Ep82), Epping


Size: 9.64 hectares

Grid Reference: TL 45403 02541{phocamaps view=link|id=19|text=Map}

Owners: City of London (Epping Forest) and Epping Town Council

Access: Open public access via public footpath and reserve entrances. No formal car park. Street parking.

Site Description: Swaine’s Green is located on the northwest side of Epping Town, where it forms a vital green corridor between the main section of Epping Forest and the Lower Forest to the North. It is bordered by the Lower Swaine’s recreation ground and housing to  its south and has the impressive hedgerow of Bolt Cellar Lane and farmland to the north.

Essentially Swaine’s Green has developed from four former agricultural fields which have been left untouched since the early 1980s.  Forties Field, Middle and Lower Lincoln’s Field are owned and managed by the City of London, whilst Lovelock’s Meadow is owned by the Epping Town Council and managed by the Friends of Swaines Green and Countrycare since 1992.

Today, nature has taken over and the site is a mosaic of open grassland, scrub and developing woodland bordered by thick hedgerows. The seed source for the woodland coming from the major hedge bordering Bolt Cellar Lane.

In the grassland, the most widespread grasses include Meadow Foxtail, Red Fescue, Smooth Meadow-grass, Cock's-foot and Crested Dog’s-tail. Other species of interest include Pepper-saxifrage, Common Spotted-orchid, Bee Orchid, Lady's Bedstraw, Cuckooflower, and Common Knapweed. In May 2006 a significant invertebrate survey of the field was undertaken.

In 2014 Friends of Swaines Green and Epping Forest Countrycare won a Wildlife Trusts Living Landscapes Award for the work they have been undertaking on Lovelocks Meadow. The award is given to local groups who have been working to create, manage and improve green spaces for wildlife, the community and the local economy. This award reflects the hard work put into the site by the Friends of Swaines Green and Countrycare staff and volunteers.

It was designated a Local Wildlife Site in 1998

{phocadownload view=file|id=1220|text=Read the Swaines Green invertebrate survey 2006 here.|target=s}

In 1996 the first Countrycare volunteer warden wrote a diary of the wildlife of Swaine’s Green over the course of the whole year.  It can be read on the pdf attached.

{phocadownload view=file|id=2310|text=Read Martin McCleary's diary of Swaines Green 1996|target=s}




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