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Epping Forest District Museum has a wide variety of special exhibitions available for hire by schools, libraries, community groups and other museums.

We aim to make all exhibitions as flexible as possible, so its easy for any venue, small or large, to create an exciting and dynamic display.

Generally, our exhibitions consist of a set of lightweight pop-up banners that introduce the subject matter and explore an array of themes. The content of exhibitions is usually non-location specific, although we encourage venues to include their own local links. Exhibitions also include easy to assemble interactives, set dressings and lots more.

Unfortunately, due to certain constraints, museum objects are not included as part of the hire agreement. However, the exhibition team can provide guidance and assistance for venues looking to borrow objects.

We want our exhibitions to be easy for everyone to access. This means we provide our exhibitions either free of charge or for a nominal fee. However, for every exhibition we ask that the hiring venue arranges and pays for the collection and return of the displays.

For more information or to ask the exhibition team a question, get in touch.

These exhibitions were made possible through funding from Arts Council England and Renaissance in the Regions.


Exhibitions available to hire

1950s Fashion: A Decade of Glamour

From the dazzling dresses of the Paris couture houses, to the ready to wear styles of Marks and Spencer, 1950s Fashion: A Decade of Glamour explores both the everyday and the extraordinary fashions of the 1950s. Filled with fun interactives and accompanied by vintage outfits, this exhibition caters for all audiences.

For a look at this exhibition in its launch venue, visit the albums on our Facebook Page.

This exhibition is now available to hire. Please see the exhibition pack for more details.

Design Icons

Design Icons

Taking you on a journey through the 1960s,70s and 80s, this exhibition explores some of the most recognisable designs of the twentieth century. Exhibition hire includes a light weight and easy to assemble gantry, objects from the decades, a top of the pops interactive, Gameboys and much more.

Design Icons has been curated by students from Herts Regional College as part of our Young Curators Programme. Made by young people for young people, this exhibition is tailored to attract a younger more diverse audience.

To see what the exhibition looks like at its host venue, check out our facebook albums or download our exhibition pack.

Memories of Childhood

Memories of childhood exhibition

Memories of Childhood explores the social history of childhood through themes of playtime, childcare, early learning and clothing. From toys and games, to children’s TV and schooldays, we hope this delightful exhibition will bring back fond memories of your childhood.

Download a copy of our Memories of Childhood exhibition pack using the link below.





Mythical Creatures

Taking you on a journey from the ocean’s depths to the mountain’s peaks, this exhibition explores the provenance of mythical creatures from around the world, delving into the fantastical stories that explain their existence.

Hire includes freestanding text panels, interactives and artwork inspired by the legends.

Response and Rescue: The Making of the Emergency Services

Response and Rescue: Making of the Emergency Services

From Victorian volunteer fire brigades to today’s dedicated coastguard crews, this exhibition tells the story of the creation and development of the emergency services.  Hire of the exhibition includes an audio guide tour showcasing objects from around the East of England, this can be customised by hiring venues. Hire also includes free standing text panels, a phone box interactive and lots of fun and games for all the family.

To see what the exhibition looks like at its host venue, check out our facebook albums or download our exhibition pack.


Return to Brambly Hedge

Return to Brambly Hedge exhibition

This exhibition is based on the artwork and popular children’s stories about the Mice of Brambly Hedge, by Epping author and artist, Jill Barklem.It includes many family friendly interactive elements and models.

Download our Brambly Hedge exhibition pack using the link below



The Cold War

The Cold War: 1945-1989


More than 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, The Cold War: 1945-1989 explores one of the most important ideological and political conflicts of the twentieth century. Exhibition hire includes acrylic quote panels, a Berlin Wall sound post, set dressings and much more. To see what the exhibition looks like at its host venue, check out our facebook albums or download our exhibition pack.


The Great War: Home life and service

The Great War

Described at the time as the war to end all wars, the enormous loss of life and huge sacrifices made by those fighting overseas and on the home front are explored in this exhibition, focussing on the experiences of people in the Eastern region.


Download our The Great War exhibition pack using the link below




The Tudors and early Stuarts

The Tudor and early Stuarts exhibition

The Tudor and early Stuart age was a period of great change and development which continues to attract wide interest today. This exhibition explores the Tudor and early Stuart legacy through its connections with the East of England.

Download our Tudors and Early Stuarts Exhibition Pack using the link below




Witch hunt

Witch Hunt exhibition

This exhibition explores the history behind the witch hunts and trails of the 17th century. Some of the most infamous trails took place in East Anglia in 1645-7, at the height of the English Civil War. This touring exhibition examines how and why this terrible tragedy occurred.

Download our Witch Hunt exhibition pack using the link below




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