Dementia Action Alliance

The Epping Forest Dementia Action Alliance is a movement with one simple aim: to bring about a society-wide response to dementia. It encourages and supports communities and organisations to take practical actions to enable people to live well with dementia and raise awareness on how to support those living with Dementia and build community resilience.

You can view this short video from the Alzheimer’s Society which shows how small changes help make a dementia friendly community.

Alzheimer's Society video

The Epping Forest DAA has as its principal aims to:

  • Increase awareness of dementia across the District by recruiting a wide range of organisations and promoting:

      o The roll out of Dementia Friends awareness sessions of all customer facing staff, members or volunteers.

      o Adoption of other dementia friendly measures as outlined in the relevant sector guidance available 
        from the National DAA and the good practice examples of other Local DAA members actions posted
        on the DAA web site.
  • Elicit the views of people affected by dementia as to what areas or sectors it should focus its efforts on.
  • Establish a regular cycle of quarterly meetings for its membership, chaired by a committed and active person.
  • Develop a publicity plan to promote through the local media the work of the Alliance, its members and awareness raising and good practice generally.
  • To meet the needs for those living with a dementia plus their carers within Epping Forest District.
  • Submit an application for recognition as a community that is “Working to become Dementia Friendly”.

The Epping Forest Dementia Action Alliance can be found via the following link:

 The Epping Forest Dementia Action Alliance


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Telephone: 01992 564561

Or you can write to us at:
Community Services 25 Hemnall Street,  Epping, Essex CM16 4LU

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