83 – 97 York HillYork Hill is a peaceful residential area that benefits from the tranquillity and views of the adjoining Epping Forest, as well as the survival of hedges which follow and define the historic road pattern. The topography of the area is apparent in the names of the roads; York Hill, Woodbury Hill, King's Hill and Pump Hill. There is a steep and dramatic rise from King's Green (off Church Hill), to the two greens outside the Gardener's Arms Public House at the top of York Hill.

York Hill forms the backbone of the Conservation Area and the close proximity of houses to the street and long lengths of high hedges create the character of a country lane. While there are several areas of 20th century development, the houses have been incorporated into the landscape so that they do not visually dominate.

The most attractive group of listed buildings in the area is at the top of York Hill where the terraces of 19th century weather boarded cottages (Numbers 109-115 odd) form a visual stop. Number 107 (an 18th century brick house) and Numbers 117/119 (18th century cottages), also form part of this group. The Gardener's Arms was originally a cottage (late 17th century) and its garden provides dramatic views of the City. The earliest cottages in the area can be found at the top of Pump Hill (Numbers 20, 22 and 24). These attractive timber-framed, weather boarded cottages date from the early 17th century.


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