Crime and SafetyCrucial Crew 2017

The Crucial Crew initiative

The Crucial Crew initiative was launched nationally in 1991, by Crime Concern following some lengthy case studies that took place through the UK.

The idea was to enable children to experience and participate in a range of realistic situations which were life threatening, or which simulated crimes taking place which were preventable.

The scheme was, and still is, based on the view that: -

  • Children learn by doing
  • Crime Prevention and personal safety can be challenging and exciting
  • Everyone is concerned about crime prevention and personal safety
  • The most effective way of tackling these issues is via a partnership approach.

The aims and objectives of the scheme are: -

  • Learning social responsibility
  • How to deal with potentially dangerous situations
  • Make a contribution towards crime prevention in the community
  • Understand the role of the emergency services.

It is an interactive safety initiative based around key life skills and consists of real-life role plays (known as scenarios), which are arranged, in the form of a course.

It all takes place with a self-contained site large enough to accommodate all of the scenarios.

Children aged between 10 and 11 years complete the course in small groups and are assessed on their responses to the tasks and problems presented to them on each set. 

Crime and SafetyCrucial Crew 2017


All Primary Schools based within the Epping Forest District Council (EFDC) area are invited to participate in the Crucial Crew events organised by Epping Forest District Council.  Year 6 school children will learn essential safety skills at the event. 

This years event took place during the week commencing 12th June 2017 and was held at Debden House in Loughton.  

Crucial Crew Survey

The Crucial Crew Survey for 2017 has now closed.

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Debden House is the regular venue for these events and is easily accessed from either the M11 or the M25.

Debden House Conference and Camping Centre,
Debden Green, Loughton,
Essex IG10 2NZ

Debden House



Crime and SafetyCrucial Crew 2017

Out and About

Below are links to other organisations websites that can provide advice and information on keeping yourself or another person safe, some can offer specialised help and support. 

Safety Awareness - Advice and help

Crime and SafetyContact us at Crucial Crew


If you would like further information on anything related to Crucial Crew please contact: -

Lucy Eales
Community Engagement Officer

Phone: 01992 564393
Epping Forest District Council,
25 Hemnall Street,
Epping, Essex,
CM16 4LU


Crime and SafetyCrucial Crew 2017


Crucial Crew enables Year 6 children to gain and insight into life skills, lessons in personal safety, along with crime prevention.  We aim to teach pupils all these skills in a positive and fun way.  The children will participate in many scenarios, some are listed below.

These events are designed to enable the child to prepare for situations they may encounter or become aware of at some stage during their life.  Representatives from the below organisations will participate at the event to deliver scenarios.

Scenario: 'Blind spots'


Scenario: 'Building sites - dangers and hazards'


Scenario: 'Healthy relationships'


Scenario: 'Drugs and alcohol'

Scenario: 'Bullying'

Scenario: 'Internet safety'


Scenario: 'Road safety'


Scenario: 'Healthy relationships'


Scenario: 'Healthy lifestyles


Scenario: 'Ambulance'


Scenario: 'Fire safety escape plans and
smoke alarm ownership'