Clinical Waste

Clinical waste from households where the residents are receiving a form of medical treatment that creates waste.  


Clinical waste falls into 2 broad categories:


  1. Waste that can be collected via your normal refuse collections
  2. Waste that needs to be collected and disposed of separately


Examples of clinical waste include:

  • Human or animal tissue
  • Blood or other bodily fluids
  • Excretions
  • Drugs or other pharmaceutical products
  • Swabs or dressings
  • Syringes, needles or other sharp instruments

Non Hazardous offensive/clinical waste:

This waste can be offensive in appearance and smell; appropriate precautions need to be taken as there is a residual health risk. Provided a healthcare professional confirms in writing it is not hazardous or infectious and the waste is appropriately wrapped, free from excess liquid the risk of ill health is low.

Therefore this waste is both non-infectious and non-hazardous and does not require specialist treatment or disposal, so disposal through your fortnightly rubbish bin is possible.

Hygiene waste is:

  • Sanitary waste
  • Nappies
  • Plasters generated by personal use – not by a health care professional
  • Incontinence pads
  • Catheter and stoma bags
  • Non-infectious dressings
  • Vomit and soiled human bedding from a non-infectious source
  • Nasal secretions, sputum, condoms and urine
  • Medical disposable equipment such as gowns etc
  • And other waste produced from human hygiene can be disposed of via your black lidded wheeled bin for rubbish collection

However, if you find that your current refuse capacity is insufficient for your requirements we may be able to approve additional capacity by the completion of a Medical Bin form by your healthcare professional  (Doctor, District Nurse, Hospital or Primary Care Trust (PCT)).

What needs to be collected separately?

Infectious waste to be incinerated: This is waste whose collection and disposal is subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection such as:

  • Waste from infectious disease cases
  • Waste from wound infections and other acquired infections
  • Human hygiene products from infectious cases and all related soiled surgical dressings
  • Swabs and other similar waste
  • Sharps – these are items that could cause cuts or puncture wounds, including:  Hypodermic Needles, Syringes with needles attached, Scalpels and other blades. This includes sharps that are self administered

We will not collect any Hypodermic needles that are not contained within a proper sharps box available on prescription.

I need a separate Collection:

If you need a separate collection of clinical waste, there are two options for residents:

(1) To arrange a collection by the Council.   Your healthcare professional is the only person/organisation qualified to correctly assess your waste and therefore we are unable to arrange a collection without them completing the referral form below.

Healthcare Waste Collection Referral Form  

At the moment the Council is not charging for clinical waste but this could change in the future.  If it does change we will give you three months notice.  

(2)  The other option is for you to make your own arrangements direct with a private contractor which may turn out to be cheaper than the council.

Please note:  Waste produced through treatment in the home by a healthcare professional will not be collected by EFDC as it must be removed by the healthcare professional unless it is non-hazardous/offensive waste & they have confirmed this in writing.

Clinical waste from businesses:

Epping Forest does not provide a Commercial Clinical Waste Collection Service.  If you need a specialist provider, please check with the Environment Agency for registered providers or listings such as the Yellow Pages or search the internet to find a provider.

Always check with the Environment Agency that the company is correctly registered.


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