What are the main changes to the Scheme and Policy?

  • The current 3 year residency criteria is being increased. Any new applicant who has lived in the District for less than 5 continuous years immediately prior to their date of registration will no longer be eligible to join the Housing Register.  Existing home seekers already registered must have lived within the district for 4½ continuous years to qualify,  although those leaving care will have a lesser 3 year residency requirement.
  • A further exception is made to the residency criteria for existing council and housing association tenants who want to move from another local authority district in England, across boundaries, for these reasons:
    • To be closer to their place of work, or
    • to take up a job or apprenticeship that will lead to employment, subject to certain conditions.
  • A reduced financial threshold will be applied when assessing an applicant’s eligibility to join the Housing Register.  Applicants who have a gross annual household income exceeding £76,000 (including residential property equity, savings, shares or any other assets) will no longer qualify, regardless of the size of accommodation required.
  • Flexible (fixed-term) Tenancies will be granted on all Council properties except for:
    • Sheltered accommodation and grouped dwelling schemes, and
    • existing tenants of the Council who are downsizing or, in certain circumstances, transferring.


How can I get more information?

We have written to everyone on the Housing Register to explain the changes in more detail.

If you have provided us with an e-mail address or mobile phone number, please check your application to ensure that the details you gave are both accurate and up to date. We may contact you by e-mail about your application.  It is important that you check your e-mails (including your spam or junk folder) regularly, to make sure you don’t miss important information about your application.


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