Do you keep a dog?
Are you thinking of getting a puppy?
Is someone's dog causing a nuisance in your area?

Your council tenancy could be at risk if your dog's behaviour causes problems for other people, and you could be breaking the law. There are several conditions relating to dogs in your Tenancy Agreement, and you should read it before getting a puppy or dog.

The law protects pets and you have a legal responsibility to meet their welfare needs. If you have a dog, or are thinking of getting one, please:

  1. Choose a suitable breed for your home
  2. Register your dog with a local vet
  3. Get your dog vaccinated and wormed
  4. Keep your dog clean and groomed
  5. Consider neutering
  6. Deal with any behaviour problems

Contact your Area Housing Office if a tenant's dog is causing problems on your estate.

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