We offer financial assistance and grants to home owners, private tenants and landlords. The types of financial assistance available are :

  • Disabled Facilities Grants up to £30,000
  • Decent Homes Repayable Assistance up to £10,000
  • Small Works Repayable Assistance up to £3,000
  • Empty Homes Repayable Assistance up to £10,000

Disabled Facilities Grants for adaptations to the homes of disabled owner-occupiers and private tenants are governed by the ‘Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996’. You can view the council's own leaflet below.

Decent Homes Repayable Assistance is financial assistance (a loan) to bring private sector dwellings up to the 'Decent Homes Standard', which was introduced by the Government to assess the condition of homes. Assistance may be available where there is a significant hazard within the property, or disrepair, which breaches the standard.

Small Works Repayable Assistance is financial assistance which may be available where there is a hazard as defined under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) or a defect which is likely to damage the fabric of a property unless it is repaired.

Are you eligible for Decent Homes Repayable Assistance or Small Works Repayable Assistance? Complete and return an Initial Assessment Form to find out. 

Energy efficiency works

There is also limited funding available for Epping homeowners and private tenants who are disabled or over 60 and on a means tested benefit to assist with energy efficiency measures such as draught proofing or loft insulation. Contact us for more information.

Our policies

Further information on grants and benefits can also be found on the Government's website.

For more information on financial assistance in the private sector please contact the C.A.R.E. and Grants Team.

Email: pshgrantsandcare@eppingforestdc.gov or phone 01992 564086

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