The deposit you give to your landlord or managing agent must be protected in one of two Government tenancy deposit protection schemes.  Either an insurance based scheme or a custodial scheme.

Tenancy deposit protection is designed to ensure:

  1. You get all or part of your deposit back, when you are entitled to it.
  2. Any disputes between you and your landlord or agent will be easier to resolve.
  3. Landlords and letting agents who do not protect tenancy deposits will have to pay their tenant back three times the deposit.

Within 14 days of paying your deposit you should be advised in writing of:

  • the contact details of the tenancy deposit scheme selected
  • the landlord or agent’s contact details
  • how to apply for the release of the deposit
  • information explaining the purpose of the deposit
  • what to do if there is a dispute about the deposit

Download a leaflet on 'The Deposit Protection Service'

More information on the Government's tenant deposit scheme

Epping Forest Housing Aid offers a Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme. See below for more information.

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