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Barn owl chicks born on nature reserve

Barn owl chicks born on nature reserve

Barn owl chicks born on nature reserve

Our Countrycare team were delighted to discover 2 incredibly cute balls of fluff!

The 2 baby barn owls were found in a barn owl box put up some years ago by our Countrycare team on one of its nature reserves. Over the past 4 years barn owls have laid eggs and produced chicks. All the chicks are ringed so we can monitor their movements.

This year there were 2 incredibly cute balls of fluff in one of the boxes!

Barn owls

Barn owls usually stay faithful to their partner until one dies. They often use the same nest site every year and are capable of having 2 broods a year. Once the young hatch, it takes them 50 to 70 days to learn to fly. The young will reach independence about a month after their first flight.

They are birds of prey. In the UK they hunt and catch small mammals such as field voles. They have specially adapted characteristics to help them hunt for food at night, such as incredibly sensitive hearing and the ability to see movement with very little light.

Protected species

The species are protected against killing, injury or capture under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). The owl’s nests are also additionally protected against reckless disturbance under Schedule 1 of the same act.

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