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Countrycare Kids: Surprising Slow Worms

Although Springtime has long gone with the lambs and chicks and rabbit kittens, there are still babies to be found in Autumn- if you know where to look! (more…)
Surprising slow worms

Ponds for boosting biodiversity

This Autumn, a focus of Countrycare’s work has been habitat creation in the form of ponds! Ponds are a valuable habitat that will always be appreciated by wildlife especially if…
ponds for biodiversity

A parade of Purple Emperors

A particular highlight of this summer was observing the Purple Emperor butterflies at Roughtalley’s Wood in North Weald. (more…)
A parade of Purple Emperors

Butterfly census report

2 Nature Reserves in the Epping Forest district are at the centre of a Butterfly Census carried out by our Epping Forest Countrycare team over several years. (more…)
Butterfly census report

Events and activities cancelled

In line with Government advice on mass gatherings we have taken the decision to cancel activities and events until further notice. (more…)
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