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Countrycare Kids: Hedgehogs heading to hibernation

Countrycare Kids: Hedgehogs heading to hibernation

Hedgehogs heading to hibernation

As we approach Autumn, wildlife begins to prepare for Winter which can be the toughest season of the year.

Braving the cold

Many have mechanisms when braving the cold, this includes:

  • Migration: where they choose to skip the Winter altogether and travel to warmer climates generally close to the equator
  • Hibernation: the animals drop their body temperature, lower their heart and breathing rates and go into a deep sleep, sometimes so deep they may appear to be dead. As the temperatures start to rise in Spring, the animals begin to warm up and awaken

7,000 spines!

Hedgehogs are an example of a British animal that hibernates, they are also nocturnal and famous for their spines. On average each adult Hedgehog has around 7,000 spines on its body. The only areas without spines are the face, throat, tummy and legs. This is because when threatened they can then curl into a spiny ball to protect themselves.

Countrycare Kids

If you’ve enjoyed hearing a little about hedgehogs and hibernation then you may enjoy Countrycare Kids- the RELAUNCH- a quarterly newsletter packed full of wildlife facts, information about the season that is about to start, plus games and even more!

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