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Countrycare Kids: Surprising Slow Worms

Countrycare Kids: Surprising Slow Worms

Surprising slow worms

Although Springtime has long gone with the lambs and chicks and rabbit kittens, there are still babies to be found in Autumn- if you know where to look!

Slow Worms

Slow Worms are a type of legless lizard commonly found in the UK, they give birth in August and September which is when these hatchlings can be found from.

They have gold backs with a single black vertebral line, their sides and underside are black. Slows Worms and other reptiles, surprisingly, have something in common with many of our native mammals- hibernation.

From October, depending on conditions, Slow Worms begin to hibernate right through to the middle of March. They did a burrow underground or find a gap or crevice in rotting wood to lay low for the coldest season.

As an ectotherm, like all reptiles, Winter is particularly challenging as they will struggle to find any heat to warm up their bodies, so instead it is safer to skip the season all together!

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