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Ponds for boosting biodiversity

Ponds for boosting biodiversity

ponds for biodiversity

This Autumn, a focus of Countrycare’s work has been habitat creation in the form of ponds! Ponds are a valuable habitat that will always be appreciated by wildlife especially if planned and designed with it in mind.

Ponds will support a range of creatures in a range of ways: simply as a water source for birds; as a breeding habitat for dragonflies or damselflies; or as hunting grounds for amphibians such as newts.

These are a few things to consider if you are planning a wildlife pond of your own:

  • A variety of depths is great. This will not only accommodate a wider range of creatures, but a gradually sloping side will also create a safe entry and exit route for mammals such as hedgehogs.
  • If you can, try to have at least some of the pond a little deeper (60cm will do), this will hopefully prevent the whole pond completely freezing over in Winter.
  • Try to find a spot that will get some sun! It is also preferable not to be directly under a tree, as come Autumn time the pond will fill with its leaves.

Here is an example of one of the new ponds at Home Mead Local Nature Reserve, as you can see it is filling up and holding water nicely.

To hear more about wildlife in Autumn or what Countrycare has been up to have a look at the most recent Countrycare Catch-up!

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