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Spring is just around the corner

Spring is just around the corner

Spring is just around the corner

As Winter draws to a close, signs of Spring are for many, a welcome sight.

A symbol of hope and new beginnings

It could be the flourish of flowers, bustle of bumble bees, or the delights of the dawn chorus.

Snowdrops are often the first flower spotted throughout the UK. Their white flowers adorn the end of dark green stalks accompanied by narrow, long leaves. Although poisonous if eaten they have long been recognised as a symbol of hope and new beginnings.

Warmer temperatures

The warmer temperatures also kickstart some of the invertebrate life as butterflies become a more common sight again.

Some Springtime butterflies will be immigrants returning from warmer climates whereas others will be emerging from hibernating over the winter. Depending on the species, butterflies can hibernate as adults, caterpillars or eggs.

A Comma butterfly

The Comma butterfly is now widespread in southern Britain

Our beautiful nature reserves are about to burst into life, the woodlands will regain their luscious canopy, the meadows will begin to flower, and the heaths will continue to grow.

Taking a walk outside you will hear the birds singing, see the trees becoming green and flowering, insects will be feeding and flittering around, a splash of colour can be spotted around each corner from an interesting fungus, an early flower or a newly awakened Ladybird.

Countrycare’s catch-up

Why not have a look at the first edition of Countrycare’s Catch-up. Learn about the season just passed and discover things to look out for in the season to come.

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