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Wildlife camera – Thornwood Common Flood Meadow

Wildlife camera – Thornwood Common Flood Meadow

Wildlife cameras - Thornwood Common Flood Meadow

A wildlife camera placed on Thornwood Common Flood Meadow captured 11 different animals in their natural environment

Earlier this year, we put one of our wildlife cameras out on Thornwood Common Flood Meadow for a few days to see what we could find.

We had some great results with 11 different animals captured on film.

  • Jay – member of the crow family. Said to help Oak tree distribution by storing/burying acorns and forgetting where some are.
  • Fox – Red Foxes are the only native dog species in the UK, after Grey Wolf went extinct in 1786.
  • Jackdaw – Smallest crow in the UK. Has distinctive grey hood.
  • Song Thrush – Song Thrushes are listed as Amber Conservation Concern according to the RSPB. This decline is partly attributed to the loss ‘of hedgerows and wet ditches’.
  • Brown Rat – now a very common wild mammal in the UK after being introduced from ships in the 1700’s.
  • Blackbird – between 2012 and 2022, London’s population of Blackbird dropped by 41% (BTO).
  • Wood Mouse – can be told apart from other small mammals by its proportionately long tail/
  • Grey Squirrel – Grey Squirrels plumage can vary from grey to some having a strong ginger tinge.
  • Weasel – The UK Weasel population has halved since the 1970’s and are categorised as ‘Vulnerable to extinction’ under IUCN Regional Red List Criteria. The research was conducted by the Mammal Society, Sussex University, and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.
  • Moth – In southern Britain, the larger nocturnal moth population has decreased by 39% since the 1960’s (Butterfly Conservation).
  • Robin – Female Robins also sing to establish territories, with a song that is slightly different to male’s.

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