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Enquiries and donations

Enquiries and donations


We can provide information on the collection and history of the district. For enquiries, please contact the museum at

Please be aware that we may not be able to reply straight away but will endeavour to reply to your enquiry within 2 weeks of receipt.

We are not able to carry out detailed research for enquirers. We will be, in some instances, able to direct you to other museums and institutions.

Collections and reference material, if available, can be provided for research purposes.

If there is something you would like to research, please get in touch to find out if we have the resources you need.

Copies of photographs from the collection are available for purchase.


The Museum collects objects with a connection to the Epping Forest District. Starting in 1974, the Museum’s collection has been ever increasing thanks to the generosity of donors. The collections are rich and varied, but gaps still exist.

We are always interested in hearing about any possible donations, but regret that we may not accept donations if they are a duplication of what we already have and/or if they do not have a clear local link. Unfortunately, space is limited, and the museum must be selective before accepting objects. If we cannot accept your offer, please do not be offended. We will be able to explain why an object was not accepted in our correspondence. We may be able to give advice on alternative places to deposit.

How to donate

When contacting the museum please explaining how you came to acquire the object and the object’s contextual history and, if possible, an email image. This information will help us advise if it is suitable for the museum or if it would be better suited elsewhere, such as the Museum’s handling collection or another institution. We may ask that you bring the object into the museum for further inspection.

Enquiries and donations

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