Housing benefit is an important means-tested benefit for people on low incomes which helps them to pay their rent, this can be rent paid to a council, housing association or a private landlord. The rules are set by the government and the benefit itself is administered by local councils, the rules changed on 1 April 2011 and there are more changes in the pipeline.

Housing benefit is for people on a low income to help them pay their rent. You may be able to get housing benefit if you are on other benefits.

Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) is a new scheme that is locally run in order to replace the national Council Tax Benefit scheme which was abolished on 1/4/13. LCTS is to help support people on a low income pay their Council Tax Liability. 

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All evidence linked to any claim or change can be either sent by post to the below address, taken to the Benefits Counter at the Civic Offices, or emailed to Benefits. Benefits staff are available at the Limes Centre on Wednesdays to provide any assistance required.


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Please telephone 01992 564156/564157 and select one of the following options

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Or you can write to us at:
Benefits Division, Civic Offices, High Street, Epping, Essex, CM16 4BZ

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