North Weald Airfield

  • Airfield Status: OPEN until 1759Z
  • Date: 23/02/2017
  • Runway in use: 20RH
  • Surface wind: 220/21G31
  • Visibility: 3600m -RA
  • Cloudbase: OVC 006
  • QNH: 992
  • QFE: 981
  • Fire Cover: Cat 1
  • Contact Tower for up to date details 01992 524740
  • Grass runway 02/20 CLOSED
  • Mode S equipped aircraft intending to enter the TMZ outside the North Weald Area of Operation must use Mode C (ALT) at all times. In all other cases for operations in the TMZ outside the North Weald Area of Operation, the pilot must contact Farnborough North on 132.800 during operational hours (or Essex Radar on 120.625 at other times) well before reaching the TMZ boundary and negotiate TMZ transit. Once in contact with North Weald Radio, squawk 7010 with Mode C if available.


  Airfield Map and Details - Click to enlarge


North Weald Airfield is an operational airfield owned and operated by Epping Forest District Council. The airfield was a key fighter base during the Battle of Britain, you can discover more about the airfield's history and current operation on these pages. The airfield is also the site of the North Weald Airfield Museum, at the former main entrance.


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