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The planning and building pages of our site cover a range of subjects provided by different directorates.

Development Control regulates the development and use of land. We cover planning applications and enforcement action. We monitor new developments and give advice about the planning system generally. We do not have control over building practices or property law.

Building Control ensures that all new buildings are structurally safe and provide a healthy environment, as well as meeting the needs for energy conservation and access for disabled people. In most cases you will not only require Planning Approval to begin building work, but are also likely to require building regulation approval.

Street Naming and Numbering provides addresses, which are important as they give police, emergency services, and the general public a way of locating and referencing properties.

Under the Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847 we are responsible for the naming and numbering of streets and properties in the Epping Forest district.

Heritage Conservation - Epping Forest District has a rich built environment, and we have a statutory responsibility to protect these heritage assets.  The conservation team deals with the protection and enhancement of conservation areas, listed buildings, locally listed buildings and the historic landscape through the Town and Country planning process.  It also contributes significantly to the production of the district wide Local Plan in relation to policy governing heritage conservation and design and the built environment.

Local Land Charges provides prospective purchasers with information about the property such as conservation areas, tree preservation orders, conditional planning permissions, financial charges, miscellaneous, listed buildings and light obstruction notices.

Other pages related to this area include:

Planning our Future - This council has started the preparation of a new Local Plan. This will replace the existing 1998 Local Plan and 2006 Alterations documents. The new Local Plan will guide development in the district up to 2033, being used to deal with planning applications and to provide land allocations.

Trees and Landscaping - As the name would suggest Epping Forest District boasts a rich heritage of trees and landscape. A number of these trees are either the responsibility of the council, or are protected by the council.

Plain English Guide to the Planning System - This is an overview of the Planning System in England, so it does not set new planning policy or guidance and is designed to offer a quick and easy explanation of how the planning system works, how local and neighbourhood plans are written and adopted locally, and how to go about obtaining planning permission.

Essex Planning Officers Association (EPOA) - The EPOA represents 12 Local Planning Authorities in Essex, as well as two unitary authorities (Thurrock and Southend-on-Sea). Heads of planning departments from the authorities meet several times a year to discuss planning issues affecting the whole of Essex, and produce planning guidance documents. 




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