Job Fair at Stansted Airport

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The Stansted Employment and Skills Academy is holding a free job fair at the airport’s Enterprise House from 10am to 3pm on Thursday 16 October 2014.

Let your career take off at London Stansted Airport.

Stansted Jobs Fair Poster Oct 2014

Over 100 full time and part time positions

The fair is open to everyone and will offer information on the many types of vacancies at the airport.

Companies attending include Stansted Airport (M.A.G), Premier Work Support (recruiting on behalf of handling agents), Boots, McDonalds, No.1 Traveller, Premier Inn, World Duty Free, SSP, The Restaurant Group, Radisson Blu, ITSU, JD Sports offering over 100 full time and part time positions.

Job seekers will be able to meet potential employers face to face, obtain careers advice, travel advice, receive guidance about the application process and find out more about free training opportunities and existing vacancies.

Free car parking will be provided for all job seekers in Enterprise House Staff Car Park.


One of the many benefits of working at Stansted Airport is the wide range of public transport discounts available to staff. The Airport Travel Card offers an attractive option for staff to use public transport, offering significant savings on standard rail, bus and coach fares.

The airport also operates a very successful staff car share scheme, which is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

Find out more

For more information about the job fair



Council commitment to low-tax at O&S

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Epping Forest District Youth councillors looked on as members of Epping Forest District Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee quizzed Cabinet portfolio holders on Tuesday (16 September).

Members of the Youth Council who were welcomed to the meeting by committee chairman Councillor Richard Morgan, represent young people across the district. They range in age from 13 to 17 and are drawn from local schools, colleges and the local community.

Items on the agenda included progress on Epping Forest District Council’s corporate plan objectives, the forward plan of the Cabinet, and reviews of the recent local election procedures and polling stations. Councillors were reminded of the Council’s responsibility for running the local General Election counts next May and the need to identify a count centre large enough. Councillors highlighted the extremely smooth conduct of recent elections and paid tribute to staff including the recently retired Returning Officer Ian Willett.

The electoral registration process has changed. Councillor Brian Surtees asked if the introduction of Individual Elector Registration might cause difficulties. Assistant Director Simon Hill noted that a great deal of advanced preparation by the elections team had eased the process. However, Mr Hill acknowledged that a significant level of ongoing work would be necessary to maintain the highest voter registration levels. An amendment to the polling station review to combine voting for all Waltham Abbey North East residents at the Community Centre in Saxon Way will go with the report for final determination by Full Council.

Councillors also responded to an invitation by the Mayor of London to comment on infrastructure growth. They supported the prioritisation of transport schemes on the West Anglia and Central Line as a means of encouraging job growth, delivering commuters and in support of the London-Cambridge-Stansted Corridor. Emphasis was placed on the need for greater infrastructure in the form of railway station car parks.

District Councillors raised issues around Central Line capacity, and bus services. They supported Mayor Boris Johnson’s approach to keeping London growth within current boundaries and hoped that Essex County Council might also support this objective.

Planning Portfolio Holder Councillor Richard Bassett assured members of Overview and Scrutiny following a request by Councillor Brian Surtees for continuing information to the public on Local Plan progress. Council Leader Chris Whitbread followed up by encouraging all Councillors to attend forthcoming Local Plan events and to share information with their residents.

Responding to comments by Councillor John Knapman, Councillor Chris Whitbread agreed that the Council’s drive to keep Council Tax down could be more prominently identified within the Council’s Key Objectives. Epping Forest District Council has not increased its Council Tax precept to residents for 4 years and strives to be one of the lowest in Essex.

One Shops Local champions local business

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Support local business in Epping Forest – add your business to or join the One Shops Local mailing list.

As the world around us changes, so must we and the world of business is no exception. One Shops Local was created to support local independent businesses within Epping Forest, and help them to survive and thrive in today’s tough market.

The campaign was created nearly 3 years ago by the One Epping Forest Local Strategic Partnership, in the belief that independently owned businesses play a vital role in ensuring we have a vibrant, resilient economy.

One Shops Local logo

How can shopping locally benefit me?

Many people may be concerned that shopping locally is more expensive and less convenient, however this is not necessarily the case. In fact shopping locally can benefit the community, not just the business owner.

When you spend money in locally run, independent businesses, more of your money is returned to the local economy than if you were to spend the same amount in a national chain. Putting money into the local economy, rather than displacing it elsewhere creates jobs for local people, and helps fund many things from the maintenance of the local infrastructure to the emergency services.

Despite all this, you may still be asking how can shopping locally directly benefit me? The answer is that local shops can tailor their business to suit the specific needs of local people, create  unique, bespoke items to suit you, and often give you a great deal to boot. After all, they want you to come back again, and what better incentive than VIP treatment?

Get involved

So how can you get involved? Whether you are a business owner or a resident or visitor, you can help your local economy to thrive by being part of the One Shops Local campaign.

If you own your own independent business within Epping Forest you can sign up for free and have free advertising to over 1,250 subscribers and 2,000 monthly website visitors. If you’re a resident or visitor, your support is still greatly needed. You can do this by

You will get access to many great deals and offers as well as unique shops and businesses that you may not yet have discovered.

Visit, add your business or join our mailing list, support local business in Epping Forest.


Local Council Tax Support scheme consultation

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We need your views on our Local Council Tax Support scheme – a scheme designed to help people in financial need to pay their Council Tax.

People of pension age have been protected by the Government and they have their own scheme for Local Council Tax Support. For people of working age, the council has had to design a scheme for them that is less generous than the scheme for pensioners because of a reduced grant from the Government.

It is important that we get views from anyone connected with the district because there is a balance between how to fund any money paid out against implementing a scheme that leaves an amount of council tax that is affordable and can be collected.

The results of the consultation will be presented to councillors who will decide whether to make any changes to the scheme for 2015/2016.

Our consultation will close on the 19 October 2014.

Find out more

Find out more about the Local Council Tax Support scheme consultation.


Council Tax frozen for 4th year

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Councillors have frozen Epping Forest District Council’s portion of the Council Tax for the fourth year.

Leader of Council, Councillor Chris Whitbread praised the work of fellow councillors and staff in maintaining front-line services and reducing ‘real terms’ costs at a time when residents are still financially stretched. He said: “This is a brilliant budget. We are a low tax council authority and will remain so.”

Good budget

Councillor Whitbread emphasised the importance of taking as little money as possible in taxation to maximise the money left in residents’ pockets to spend in local goods, services and in the district’s high streets.

He continued: “We’ve put £35,000 aside to promote our High Streets because we want to see them vibrant and working. This is a good budget, a good budget for residents, a good budget for trade and a good budget for our services at the council which we’ve continued to deliver well for Epping Forest.”

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Cabinet agrees council tax freeze

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Members of the cabinet agreed to freeze Epping Forest District Councils part of the council tax at a meeting of cabinet on Monday 3 February 2014.

Subject to approval at the meeting of full council in February, Leader of Council Councillor Chris Whitbread said: “We have achieved our aspirations again to be a low council tax authority, another 0% council tax increase from Epping Forest District Council.”

Click on the agenda items below to watch the debate


Telephone problems resolved

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5 Feb – 11:30am

Problems with our telephone system have now been resolved. Engineers fixed a fault with the hardware. We would like to apologise to all those who have had problems contacting us and thank them for their patience.

4 Feb – 13:30pm

The telephone system will be taken offline from 13:45pm for approximately 15 minutes for urgent maintenance. This page will be updated when work has finished.

4 Feb – 12 noon

We are currently experiencing intermittent problems with the sound quality on our telephone system.

Symptoms for staff include sound being choppy, distorted or even sounding like they are underwater! If you are experiencing these problems please hang up and try again.

We are working with our suppliers to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.


Council tax band warning

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Residents are being advised to be on their guard. Staff at Epping Forest District Council have received reports of a company operating in the south of the district offering services to householders to get their council tax band reduced.

Valuation Office Agency logoResidents have told us that the company when knocking on people’s doors are claiming to be from ‘council tax’ and giving people the impression they are from Epping Forest District Council, they are not.

Anyone using the company’s services should be aware that should it be successful in getting a council tax band reduced, the company will take a share of any overpayment.

Rob Pavey, Assistant Director for Council Tax said: “We don’t set council tax bands. If anyone feels their council tax band is too high they themselves can contact the Valuation Office Agency who set the bands on 03000 501501, and would then receive the full refund should their band be reduced. Residents can also contact my team at Epping Forest District Council for general council tax advice on 01992 564188 or 564189.”

Mr Pavey added: “I would urge people to check for ID, read carefully any document before they sign it, seek advice if they need to from the council tax section or the Valuation Office Agency, and get a copy of any signed document.”

Want to know more?

Epping Forest District Council – Information about council tax

Valuation Office Agency – What to do if you disagree with your council tax banding

Valuation Office Agency – Warning Council Tax scams


Housing issues dominate cabinet meeting

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Housing issues and council tax were on the agenda at cabinet on 2 December 2013.

Lower population growth estimates

Lower levels of housing growth than previously predicted were reported as a ‘good news story’ after a new Epping Forest District Council commissioned report updated earlier government projections. The report endorsed at Cabinet on 2 December suggests the population might grow by 6,000 fewer than previous studies. With less pressure on population growth, the report suggests the Council will need to plan for fewer new houses in the lifetime of the new Local Plan up to 2033.

The population of the district is still predicted to grow by nearly 23,000 people between 2011 and 2033.

Councillor Richard Bassett, Planning Portfolio Holder has welcomed the new study. Speaking before the meeting, he said: “We still need new homes for a growing population. Even if no new families moved into the district, the fact that we are generally living longer and in smaller households means we would need more homes. After preparing an objective forecast for population growth as required by the Government, I am pleased to see our new forecast still comes out significantly lower than the earlier projections produced before the 2011 census.”

The study will be used by the council as evidence in the preparation of the new Local Plan for consideration at an ‘Examination in Public’ by a Government-appointed Inspector.

Councillor Bassett also gave a clear ‘health warning’ when asking cabinet to endorse the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) which looks at other issues such as housing market trends and affordability. Councillor Bassett reported that as a joint report produced for other councils it was already in the public domain, but he added that the SHMA was based on older population data and would require further updates before presentation as final evidence in support of the Local Plan.

Residents are to be consulted next year. ‘Preferred Options’, the next stage in the Local Plan public consultation process, takes place in 2014.

Council Tax held

Cabinet agreed to recommend that council tax for the district council be frozen again in 2014/15. It is now almost 4 years since the last increase which has remained at £148.77 for a Band D property since 2010. The final decision on council tax and budgets for 2014/15 will be made at full council in February.

Local Council Tax Support Scheme

Cabinet agreed to recommend the continuation of the Local Council Tax Scheme in its current form after consultation with residents brought forward very few responses. The decision will be referred to full council for approval.

Car park site sale for housing

A decision to hold on to Church Hill Car Park, Loughton until an upturn in the economy and property values has been vindicated. Cabinet approved the sale of the site which previously had planning permission for eight 1 bed and two 2 bed flats to Constable Homes Ltd for £858,000.

Councillors also supported a bid of £160,000 for specialist consultants to assist the council with further strategic decisions and practical steps on the future use, sale and development opportunities of its property portfolio.

Receipts from the sale of Church Hill Car Park will be invested in further services for residents.


National empty homes week

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Empty homeThis week is National Empty Homes Week

New research from Halifax and the Empty Homes Agency shows how strongly the public feel about empty homes. They want the government and local authorities to do more about them.

There is  no sound economic reason for an owner to leave a property empty.  An empty property can cost up to  £10,000 in maintenance, it can increase your Council Tax payments by 50% and your insurance premiums can increase. What’s more, you could be missing out on valuable rental income.

It’s in everyone’s interest to reduce the number of empty properties

To the owner – A property left empty is a wasted resource and can be costly in terms of increased insurance, increased council tax, emergency repairs, vandalism and arson.

To the neighbours – It is estimated that the home next door to an empty property can be devalued by  about 10%. There is also the worry of nuisance, vermin, arson, vandalism and anti social behaviour.

To the community – There are currently approximately 380 properties that have been empty for more than 6 months in the District. Empty properties provide valuable homes for local people; they reduce the demand for building on the Green Belt, and for every property brought back to use the Council receives a financial reward known as the New Homes Bonus. This can be included in the budget for providing services to residents of the district.

This Council is committed to reducing the number of empty properties on the district, and in some cases we can offer financial help. Bringing an empty property back into use can be difficult if it’s in a poor state of repair and cannot be lived in, let or easily sold. To help the owners we can offer:

  • Empty Homes Repayable Assistance, which offers up to £10,000 if there is an empty property in poor condition that you would like to live in yourself. The money is repaid when you eventually sell the property.
  • The PLACE Loan, which offers up to £25,000 to renovate a property in order to sell it or rent it out. This is an interest free loan and is paid back within 2 years if you sell, or 5 years if you let the property.

Tell us about an empty property

Report an empty home online

Give us the address, and any other information you may have, and we will do our best to contact the owner. We will work with the owner to bring the property back to use. All calls are treated in confidence.

More information?

For further information and advice or to report an empty property, please contact the Private Sector Housing Team