North Weald Fly-in: Aircraft 2

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Photographs of aircraft over the weekend of the Spirit of North Weald Fly-in and Community Day on Sunday 13 September 2009.

Sunday 13 September 2009

The Royal Norwegian Air Force Fan Jet Falcon Executive Jet

Pictured above: The Royal Norwegian Air Force Fan Jet Falcon Executive Jet

F16 warming up before take off

Pictured above: F16 warming up before take off

F16s on the runway before take off

Pictured above: F16s on the runway before take off

Hurricane and Spitfire from the RAF Memorial Flight

Pictured above: Hurricane and Spitfire from the RAF Memorial Flight

The first F16 taking off

Pictured above: The first F16 taking off

The second F16 taking off

Pictured above: The second F16 taking off

The Fan Jet Falcon Executive Jet escorted by F16 Jet Fighters and a Vampire Jet

Pictured above: The Fan Jet Falcon Executive Jet escorted by F16 Jet Fighters and a Vampire Jet

Museum Awarded Quality Badge

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Quality Badge awarded by Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

Epping Forest District Museum in Waltham Abbey has shown itself to be at the top of the class for educational visits by being awarded a Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.

The Quality Badge scheme combines for the first time learning and safety into one easily-recognisable badge for all organisations providing learning outside the classroom experiences.

Museum spokesperson Catherine Hammond said: Being awarded the Quality Badge is a real coup for all the staff here as it shows that we offer young people the type of high quality learning experiences they really benefit from. We’re thrilled to get official recognition for our efforts and we look forward to welcoming even more children and young people from the local area to our Museum.

The Quality Badge was developed as part of the Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto, a national initiative to ensure young people are given more opportunities to have these experiences as part of the curriculum. The Quality Badge scheme is part of the Government`s £4.5m Out and About package which, along with the badges, provides guidance and information for teachers on how to plan and organise high quality activities. The badge is designed to make it easier for teachers to identify providers of quality educational visits. Organisations will display the badge as a signal to schools that their venue has met required standards, so teachers do not need to carry out their own risk or quality assessments.

Ed Balls Secretary of State Children, Schools and Families said: Educational visits are among the most memorable experiences in a child`s school life. Quality Badges offer teachers a guarantee that not only is a venue providing the sort of educational value that they can build on in class long after the visit but they also have the appropriate risk management structures in place.”

It is a significant victory in our battle to move away from the misguided perception that learning outside the classroom is a potential minefield for teachers. I want to see teachers using Quality Badges as practical decision-making tools. It should ensure that many more young people have memorable, exciting and valuable learning outside the classroom experiences. I congratulate Epping Forest District Museum on being awarded the badge.

The Quality Badge is available to large and small organisations providing quality learning outside the classroom experiences and managing risk effectively. Organisations already awarded the badge include museums, adventurous activity and field study centres, places of worship, art galleries, visitor attractions and farms, with many more starting to apply.

The Quality Badge was developed by the Department for Children, Schools and Families in conjunction with a wide range of partners. Badges are awarded by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.

Football Badge Competition Winner

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The winning design by Arrabella Moore, a diamond placed on a pink background with the team name

The lucky winner of the `Design a Football Badge` competition has been announced as Arrabella Moore. She attends Ivy Chimney`s Primary School, Epping and has won her school a new football kit and football supplies.

School children across Epping Forest District were invited to design a badge for the new women`s football club – the Davenant Diamonds – that Epping Forest District Council and the Essex FA set up last year. They have gone from strength to strength and have recently started to develop their own identity with a pink and black striped kit.

Over 500 entries for the competition were submitted. The standard of the badge designs were extremely high but Arrabella`s simple design of a diamond placed on a pink background, featuring the team`s name, was chosen as the winner. Her school will be presented with their new kit and supplies at the start of the new football season.

Recycling Initiatives at Epping Forest Schools

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Epping Forest District Council is helping to boost its already excellent recycling levels by offering schools across the district the opportunity to take advantage of free recycling facilities. Recycling will enable schools to reduce the waste they produce by more than 70% and cut the cost of their waste collection, making money available for other budgets.

Most schools typically recycle paper from their classrooms and offices. Some also recycle cans and glass. Every classroom/office taking part in the scheme has a blue box identical to those provided by the Council to all households across the district, enabling children to make the link between recycling in school and at home.

Portfolio Holder for the Environment Councillor Mary Sartin said: Learning about waste management can be a valuable source of education, linking directly to both Citizenship and Education for Sustainable Development. Recycling projects also provide an opportunity for the entire school to work together as a team.

Schools are able to develop their pupils` knowledge and understanding of such issues, preparing them to make informed choices in the future, which will no doubt influence how rubbish is tackled in the future.

If your school, or playschool/nursery is not yet using Epping Forest District Council`s recycling service, please phone 01992 564608.

Youth Councils Big Lunch

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As part of a national event, The Big Lunch,  Youth Councillors from Epping Forest and Harlow districts came together on Sunday 19 July 2009. At the youth cafe in Harlow they enjoyed a roast dinner and exchanged ideas and looked into ways of working closer together.

A total of 24 Youth Councillors attended and ideas raised included working on joint projects to benefit the local communities of Epping Forest and Harlow and organising a debate about current issues.

Events were organised up and down the country as part of The Big Lunch on 19 July. The aim was to aid community cohesion by getting neighbours to sit down and have lunch together to exchange their thoughts on local issues. Increasingly people are leading more independent lives and not taking into account the local community they live in.

Epping Forest Youth Councillor Sam Clarke said: The discussions were very productive and both groups of Youth Councillors came away feeling that the talks over lunch had been positive, showing that The Big Lunch really does begin to achieve its wider aim of bringing communities together.

In Latin, community means together, in gift and the goal of these events is to create a wider neighbourhood, realising how many good people there are.

Youth Council Energy Saving Initiatives

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Members of the Epping Forest Youth Council are encouraging schools across the district to save energy. All the secondary schools that completed a recent survey about their environmental practices, conducted by the Youth Council`s Environmental Group, will be awarded with an Owl Wireless Energy Monitor System.

St John`s School in Epping became the first in the district to be presented with one of these devices at the beginning of July. The systems monitor how much energy is used in a particular area and, in turn, how much money may be being wasted needlessly.

Youth Councillor Kaylee Orchard said: The survey we carried out revealed that most schools in the district carry out recycling, along with a number of other positive green practices. By providing these energy monitoring devices, pupils will become more aware of the amount of energy used in their schools and, I hope, to consider the effect this may be having on the environment.

The Youth Council secured the funding for a number of Owl Wireless Energy Monitor Systems from the West Essex Area Forum. They will be awarding them to the other secondary schools across the district over the next few months.

Pupils Catch Speeders Outside School

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On Wednesday 6 May 2009 pupils dressed in fluorescent jackets from the Leverton Junior School were given speed guns to pinpoint speeding motorists outside their school in Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey. Members of the Essex Casualty Reduction Board were on hand to help the Year 5 pupils operate the equipment paid for by the Epping Forest District Safer Communities Partnership.

Leverton Junior School pupils with speed guns

Road Policing Officer PC Duncan Stapleford stopped the speeders who were sat down and quizzed by the children asking questions such as `how would you feel if you had killed me?` and `why were you going so fast?`. Local road safety officers were there to offer advice and education. Although the results are not legally enforceable, the initiative is seen as a good way to teach both children and speeding motorists about road safety, encouraging those driving too fast to think about their actions and get them to slow down. The team will be visiting more schools around the District in the future.

PC Duncan Stapleford, Year 5 pupils Rebecca Kirk, Hayley Square and Luke Crisci and Caroline Wiggins

John Gilbert, Chairman of the Epping Forest District Safer Communities Partnership said: “The aim of the initiative is to educate road users and children of the dangers of speeding and to see speeds reduced outside the school. The children detected speeds from between 36mph and 44mph in a 30mph zone, with two people that who lived in the road clocked at 39mph and 41mph! This initiative has been a fun but effective way of helping the children to understand some of the real dangers on the roads and hopefully make drivers think twice before putting their foot down breaking speed limits near to and outside schools.”

Leisure Bursary Winner

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Bursary winner Lauren Smith

This year`s Epping Forest District Council Leisure Bursary winner in the Sports category is 15 year old Lauren Smith. Lauren lives in Waltham Abbey and is a pupil at King Harold School and trains and competes at an elite level within the British Disability Swimming training programme and also swims on behalf of Epping Forest Swimming Club. She recently secured a place on the British World Class Development Programme where she will attend a training camp in Eindhoven with many of the athletes from Bejiing. Lauren has been selected to represent Great Britian at the Danish Open.

Lauren Smith is pictured with her winner`s certificate and cheque for £1,500. She trains several times a week and competes at an elite level and is following the British Disability Swimming training and competition plan for the World Class Pathway Programme. Lauren will use the money to help pay for her training and competition costs and to achieve her ultimate goal of representing Great Britain in the 2012 Olympics.

The Council`s Leisure Bursary Scheme provides two £1,500 awards each year, one for sport and one for the arts, to enable talented young people to reach their potential. The bursary scheme is intended to help pay for additional opportunities to develop further your talent. For more information, please contact James Carstairs 01992 564567.

Civic Awards 2009 Young Citizen of the Year

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You can watch the awards presentation in full. Click the back button at the bottom of the page and click the link to watch the webcast.

The Young Citizen of the Year Award

The Epping Forest District Young Citizen of the Year for 2009 is Darnell Margurite.

Young Citizen of the Year Darnell Margurite and Chairman John Knapman

The Young Citizen of the Year Award was awarded to a young man who has made a tremendous difference to his local community.

In the past Limes Farm has had a bedevilled reputation for social issues and crime but more recently the Estate has enjoyed a much better atmosphere, lower levels of crime and less anti-social behaviour. The Young Citizen of the Year for 2009 has played a key role in the transformation.

He has given young people on the Estate something to do. Only 19 years old himself, he has worked with a close friend, Ben Wooley, to set up a football project for 8 to 13 year olds. It has not been easy. He has faced and overcome some very challenging behaviour, honing his own skills as a football coach and winning the respect of the Estate.

His efforts have not gone unrecognised elsewhere. Watching his voluntary work on Limes Farm, he came to the notice of Tottenham Hotspur, which has offered him a coaching role within their Football Foundation. His enthusiasm, dedication and hard work have marked him out as a true role model.


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Makedo&mend image

Makedoandmend, an artistic collaboration between young and older people and adults with disabilities from Loughton, Chigwell and Waltham Abbey will be officially launched on Tuesday 7 April 2009 at 3pm at Loughton Youth Centre, 106 Borders Lane, Loughton 1G10 3SB. Vice Chairman of Council Councillor Penny Smith will be attending.

As we end a decade where recycling has become a global imperative, makedo&mend, a multi-disciplinary arts project run by Epping Forest District Council, takes its artistic inspiration from a decade in the previous Century when rationing was the norm, new clothing items rare and a harsh post-war era required people to make do with what they had or mend and repair items normally thrown away. The project sees groups `recycling` the fashion, music and film of the 1940s with contemporary styles to `make do` or `mend`, to create new and original work.

Makedo&mend has distinct strands that feed into each other throughout the year. Young and older people and adults with disabilities from Waltham Abbey, Chigwell and Loughton will collaborate to create a body of work consisting of an original fashion collection, a dance video, a music track and a style magazine featuring all the work produced. The initiative culminates in an exhibition running for two months in partnership with Epping Forest District Museum in Waltham Abbey from 10 October to 1 December incorporating rare pieces from the Museum`s costume collection and a programme of public workshops on the themes of makedo&mend.

The fashion aspect of the project grew out of the need to develop cross-generational relationships in Loughton. Makedo&mend will encourage older residents to pass on their memories and experience of 1940s fashion to young people on a project that is relevant to present day issues.

The London College of Fashion is also involved as a partner in the project to reach out to young people in environments such as youth centres to make them feel confident about their ability to achieve at higher education. As well as bringing generations together and creating pathways to careers, makedo&mend also reaches out to groups in care. Alder House is a residential home for people with disabilities aged 23 to 65 years and they will work with artist Emily Jost to design clothing with a 1940s slant but use their disability as an opportunity for design innovation.

Another aspect of makedo&mend is the music. The music becomes a pathway to mend relationships between groups of young people. A group from Waltham Abbey will create a tune using a 1940s track as inspiration and a group from Limes Farm will work with sound artist Arjunan Manuelpillai to write lyrics and record the vocals. In doing so, this part of the project facilitates two groups of young people who would normally be rivals to share and inspire each other.

Image details – John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library. Make do and mend, pamphlet, ca 1943. JCPML00715/7 Original held by National Archives of Australia B5641/1, K4.