Notice of Poll – Chipping Ongar

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Notice is hereby given that:

  1. A poll for the election of a Town Councillor for Chipping Ongar will be held on Thursday 22 October 2015, between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm.
  2. The number of Town Councillors to be elected is one.
  3. The names, home addresses and descriptions of the Candidates remaining validly nominated for election and the names of all persons signing the Candidates nomination paper are as follows:
    • Derek Birch (Ongar Residents Association)
    • Brian Surtees (Liberal Democrats)
  4. The situation of Polling Stations and the description of persons entitled to vote thereat are as follows:
  • Budworth Hall, High Street, Ongar
  • Station number 1
  • Ranges of electoral register numbers of persons entitled to vote thereat – BX-1 to BX-1460

Chipping Ongar Statement of Persons Nominated (pdf 29KB)

Notice of By-Election 2015 – Chipping Ongar (pdf 8KB)

Notice of Poll Chipping Ongar 2015 (pdf 11KB)

Statement of persons nominated – Chipping Ongar

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The following is a statement of the persons nominated for election as a Town Councillor for Chipping Ongar, for the election Thursday 22 October 2015.

  • Derek Birch (Ongar Residents Association)
  • Brian Surtees (Liberal Democrats)

Chipping Ongar Statement of Persons Nominated (pdf 29KB)

Notice of By-Election 2015 – Chipping Ongar (pdf 8KB)

Notice of By-Election

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Epping Forest District
Election of a Town Councillor
for the Ward listed below

Ward – Chipping Ongar  

Number of Councillors to be elected – One

1. Nomination papers must be delivered to the Returning Officer, Civic Offices, High Street, Epping, CM16 4BZ on any day after the date of this notice but no later than 4 pm on Friday, 25th September 2015.

2. Nomination papers may be obtained from the offices of the Returning Officer, Civic Offices, High Street, Epping, CM16 4BZ.

3. If any election is contested the poll will take place on Thursday, 22nd October 2015.

4. Applications, amendments or cancellations of postal votes and amendments or cancellations of proxy votes must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Civic Offices, High Street, Epping, CM16 4BZ by 5 pm on Wednesday, 7th October 2015.

5. New applications to vote by proxy at this election must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Civic Offices, High Street, Epping, CM16 4BZ by 5 pm on Wednesday, 14th October 2015.

6. Applications to vote by proxy at this election applied for on grounds of either physical incapacity or absence in relation to occupation, employment or service occurring after 5 pm on Wednesday, 14th October 2015 must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Civic Offices, High Street, Epping, CM16 4BZ by 5 pm on Thursday, 22nd October 2015.


Dated:  Thursday 17 September 2015

Glen Chipp

Returning Officer


Councillors discuss Local Plan and elections

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Councillors received updates on a wide range of projects when Cabinet Portfolio Holders reported to the meeting of Epping Forest District Council on 28 July 2015.

Democracy live - watch our council meetings online

Local Plan

Items included a comprehensive report on the Local Plan, progress on major schemes at Langston Road (Epping Forest Retail Park) and St John’s Epping, significant improvements following the troubled introduction of the new 4-day domestic waste collection contract and a summary of the council’s latest financial position following the Chancellor’s first budget since the General Election in May.

Individual Electoral Registration (IER)

Councillor John Philip reported on successful introduction of Individual Electoral Registration before the last General Election. Epping Forest District Council produced the best electoral register in the country according to statistics released by the Electoral Commission. Councillor Philip made the announcement as the canvass for the first update to the register begins.

More than half of all households have already responded to the update, although that means some 25,000 households are still to reply. Councillor Philip was pleased to say that the vast majority of replies have been received electronically saving time and money. He appealed to fellow councillors to encourage residents to complete the canvass by returning all outstanding forms electronically as soon as possible.

Council housing rent reductions

Housing Portfolio Holder David Stallan responded to concerns raised about the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s announcement on council housing rent reductions. One per cent per cuts per year over the next 4 years could impact on the council’s ability to build more new homes.

Further concerns were raised regarding plans to make councils sell high value houses. Councillor Stallan said that further evaluation would help to assess the impact on the Epping Forest district.

St John’s Road development

Assets Portfolio Holder Councillor Mrs Anne Grigg said that consultation would take place as the St John’s Road development reached planning application stage.

Overview and Scrutiny

Councillors welcomed the annual report of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee which highlighted the investigative role of the council in checking the work of its own cabinet and other organisations as diverse as the police, public transport, health, education and social services.

Mick Merrick

Council Chairman Councillor Liz Webster paid tribute to Mick Merrick, one of the council’s best known and popular members of staff who passed away earlier in the year. Flowers and condolences are to be sent to his family.


Will you be able to vote in 2016?

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Will you make a difference – will you be able to vote in 2016?

As Europe concentrated on the Greek referendum earlier this month, we are reminding our residents they must register to vote if they want to take part in Britain’s elections and own EU referendum. After voter registration forms started dropping through letterboxes on Monday 13 July, more than 5,000 residents responded electronically on the first day and almost 50% by the end of the first week.

Register today

Register now at

Your vote matters, make sure you're in

All residents have been contacted but we are particularly keen to reach out to young people who need to register for the first time. Registration is easy. Residents can reply by post, but we would prefer people to reply online, by text or by phone.

Referendum – in or out?

Councillor John Philip, Epping Forest District Council’s portfolio holder responsible for the electoral register, said: “David Cameron has promised British voters our own referendum on Europe. As a country, it is one of the biggest decisions we are ever likely to make. In or out, it will set the political and economic course of the nation for decades to come. Whether the vote is in 2016 or 2017 now is the time to register to vote.”

Best register in the UK

Epping Forest District’s electoral register came out top as the country voted in May’s general election. The transfer from the old household to the new Individual Elector Registration (IER) went so smoothly in Epping Forest that the District Council relied on fewer temporary allowances arrangements than any other council in the UK.

“In other words,” said Councillor Philip, “at the general election, Epping Forest had the most up-to-date and reliable register of electors in the whole of the UK.”

Register online, by phone, by text

We want to keep our top-flight status. As we begin the first annual update of the new IER system, Councillor Philip is encouraging residents to respond to make sure the local register stays top of the table. He said: “Whatever your politics, I believe it is essential that everyone entitled to vote is registered to vote. People are still getting used to the switch from the old system when one person registered a whole family, to individual registration when everyone has to register personally.

All the contact details are in the form posted through your letterbox and the reply can be sent electronically. Just go to, or call the automated phone line, or text your update.”

Annual canvass of electors 2015

The next Police and Crime Commissioner

There is even more at stake than the referendum. Local elections for town, parish, district and county councillors are all based on the register of electors. Voters will also appoint a fresh face to tackle crime, after Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston announced he won’t stand for re-election in 2016. Depending on the outcome of the EU Referendum, registered voters may or may not be voting for Members of the European Parliament in 2019.

Councillor Philip added: “Whatever the political landscape looks like by the next general election in 2020, we do know that the next few years are likely to be momentous and everyone should have their say.”

We are especially keen to ensure young people approaching their 18th birthday register for the first time. Councillor Philip added: “The register isn’t static. People come off it as they die or move away while we have a constant stream of new people moving into the district or reaching voting age. Democracy is a precious thing. It can only thrive with the engagement and support of our young people and I would urge everyone reaching 18 before next May to make sure they are registered to vote too.”


New chairman elected

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At Annual Council on 28 May 2015 Councillor Liz Webster was elected as Chairman of Epping Forest District Council and Councillor Jeane Lea as Vice-Chairman for the 2015/2016 year.

New Chairman Cllr Liz Webster at the back with Vice-Chairman Cllr Jeane Lea

To view photos in a slideshow, click on a picture below and click start slideshow.

New Chairman

Councillor Liz Webster was nominated by Councillor Syd Stavrou as the new Chairman of Council. Liz Webster brings a highly distinguished record of service with Epping Forest District Council, Waltham Abbey Town Council, Essex County Council, the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and other organisations.

Seconded by Councillor John Knapman, councillors voted unanimously to appoint Councillor Webster as the new Chairman. In his final words before relinquishing the chain of office, Councillor Boyce also thanked his wife Jan for her support during his year.

Councillor Webster’s first act as chairman was to announce that the Royal British Legion will be her charity for the next municipal year. She expressed her deep gratitude to fellow councillors as the first Waltham Abbey Councillor to hold the role since her late-husband Don Spinks in 1992.

Without a partner to accompany her on a regular basis to events, Councillor Webster invited ward councillors to be her companions as she visits places, people and events over the next year.


Councillor Jeane Lea is the new Vice-Chairman of Council. Described as another formidable Waltham Abbey lady by Councillor Syd Stavrou, Councillor Lea’s nomination was seconded by Councillor Ann Mitchell.

New Councillors welcomed

Newly elected councillors Nigel Avey, Nigel Bedford, Lynn Hughes and Sam Kane were welcomed to the first meeting of Epping Forest District Council since the local elections in May. Outgoing chairman Councillor Tony Boyce entered the chamber for his last meeting as chairman to the strains of Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’.

Councillor Boyce thanked fellow councillors for their support over the previous year. In particular he drew attention to the support of Assistant Director Simon Hill and former chairman Mary Sartin for their guidance during a very successful municipal year.

Councillor Boyce announced with pride the purchase of a mini-bus with £9,000, part of a grand total of £24,000 raised for his charities during the year. Reminiscing about his favourite events Councillor Boyce reminded fellow councillors of the arrival of the Tour de France and the holiday atmosphere it generated across the district.

He also made special mention of the Chairman’s Officer Pat Seager who was not afraid to offer honest advice and humour.

Councillor Chris Whitbread, Leader of Council led the tributes to Councillor Boyce, bringing a smile to the council chamber during a ‘brilliant and wonderful year’. Councillor Ken Angold-Stephens echoed those sentiments, drawing attention to the energy and dedication with which Councillor Boyce served the district. Chief Executive Glen Chipp thanked Councillor Boyce on behalf of staff.

Leader and Cabinet

Councillor Chris Whitbread was reappointed to the role of Council Leader and announced his Cabinet

Other key appointments included the reappointment of Councillor Brian Sandler as chairman of District Development Management Committee and Councillor Richard Morgan as chairman of Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Former Councillor Peter Gode retired from the Council in May and received a long service medal for his 12 years of service to the people of the Shelley ward in Ongar.


Results declared for parish and town council elections

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Results declared for district council elections

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The results for the Epping Forest District Council elections held on Thursday 7 May 2015 have been declared.

District election 2015

Results of district council elections

Broadley Common, Epping Upland & Nazeing

Buckhurst Hill West

Chipping Ongar, Greensted & Marden Ash

Epping Hemnall

Epping Lindsey & Thornwood Common

Grange Hill

Hastingwood, Matching & Sheering Village


Lower Nazeing

Lower Sheering

North Weald Bassett



Waltham Abbey High Beach

Waltham Abbey Honey Lane

Waltham Abbey North East

Waltham Abbey Paternoster

Waltham Abbey South West


Result declared for UK Parliamentary election

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Eleanor Laing MP held her seat in the #GE2015 General Election as the MP for the Epping Forest constituency.

The result for the UK Parliamentary election for the Epping Forest constituency was declared at 03.56am on 8 May 2015. Turnout was 67.3%.

General election 2015

Results of UK Parliamentary election