Chairman Opens Museum Exhibition

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Epping Forest District Council Chairman Brian Sandler opened the new exhibition ‘Changing Perceptions’ at the Epping Forest District Museum. The exhibition explores the enormous changes to everyday life over the last hundred years, through the voices and memories of local people.

EFDC Chairman Brian Sandler and his wife Brenda being 'protected' by a 1950's policeman! - click to enlarge image'

The exhibition is the result of a three-year project, in which the Museum has collected first hand accounts of the dynamic changes that have taken place in the working and domestic lives of people in the District during the 20th Century.

Chairman Brian Sandler said “The 20th Century has witnessed profound changes to the way we live and work, on a scale and with a pace not experienced before. At the start of the Century, the Epping Forest District was still very much a rural area, consisting of small villages, towns, farmland, and forest. Today`s towns have large housing estates in their midst. The agricultural traditions have been transformed. Improvements in transport have revolutionised people`s lives, motorways and air travel have shrunk the world around us. Yet despite all these changes, the Epping Forest District has managed to hold on to its rural character. Agriculture is still an important part of local life and community life remains strong and vibrant.”

“What also remains, are the people who lived through these events. Their memories and experiences represent a unique record of the transformation of the District. By recording their stories, the Museum hopes to ensure that this important source of local knowledge is preserved for future use. Therefore, over the past three years, the Museum has been recording and collecting oral history accounts. The interviews you see on display tonight offer a flavour of the collection and show the wealth of the stories in the archive.”


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