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If you are an individual or household passing waste to someone other than the council’s refuse collectors, remember you are under an obligation to check that the person you’re handing your waste to is authorised to take it. This is known as the Household Duty of Care and applies to every private individual involved in transferring waste.

Businesses also have a Duty of Care when dealing with their commercial waste, and must fulfil more requirements. In a recent prosecution, a Harlow based company were fined for the offence of “not securing that the transfer of waste was to an authorised person and not exchanging a written description of the waste”.

No tipping
If you produce commercial waste (and all businesses produce some waste, however small), ensure you can answer YES to all of the following statements.

  • My waste is stored on my property
  • My waste cannot escape from my property and is securely contained
  • I have checked that my waste is collected by an authorised person
  • I have waste transfer note(s) to cover all my waste collections and I keep the paperwork for two years

If you answered NO to any of these statements, you must take action now to comply with the law.

Epping Forest District Council’s Environment Portfolio Holder, Councillor Will Breare-Hall, said: “Not only is the illegal dumping of rubbish damaging to the environment, it is also costly for the council to deal with. It is a serious criminal offence which can lead to large fines or even imprisonment. Where we have sufficient evidence we will prosecute. Households and business can help by complying with their Duty of Care, ensuring that their waste goes to people authorised to deal with it, and keeping it out of the hands of potential fly tippers. Households and businesses who don’t comply with their Duty of Care risk being prosecuted if their waste is fly tipped.”

Councillor Breare-Hall continued: “I encourage members of the public who witness fly tipping to write down details of the offence, including the date and time, and to report it to us as soon as possible, either online or by calling 01992 564608 during office hours or 01992 564000 at all other times. We offer a special collection service for bulky household items such as beds, chairs, sofas, fridges and washing machines, so no items need ever be illegally dumped. Together we can tackle fly tipping and ensure that Epping Forest district remains a clean and attractive place for residents and visitors alike.”

Find out more about fly tipping online or contact the council’s Environment and Neighbourhood Officers on 01992 564608 for advice.

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