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Recycling is set to receive another major boost from the beginning of February. Following the successful delivery of around 4,500 new wheelie bins, Waltham Abbey is to become the next area of Epping Forest district to transfer to the new domestic refuse and recycling service. From 30 January, households on the Monday collection day have started to use their new wheelie bins for residual waste, collected on an alternate weekly basis with a wide range of recyclable material.

Doorstep collection of recyclable waste will now include glass, steel and aluminium cans, paper, card, plastic bottles (without lids) and garden refuse. Full details are provided in a special information pack supplied by the Council with each new wheelie bin.

The extension of the new scheme to Waltham Abbey comes three months after residents in Chigwell and Lambourne first started to use the service which has seen a huge increase in domestic recycling. If residents in Waltham Abbey follow the trend set in Chigwell, Epping Forest District Council expects to see household waste sent for landfill waste disposal fall dramatically. In Chigwell and Lambourne, domestic recycling is up by 50 per cent and landfill disposal has been cut by 20 per cent. With the district as a whole producing around 50,000 tonnes of domestic waste annually, the Council believes the potential increase in recycling will produce major environmental and financial benefits.

Councillor Derek Jacobs, Environmental Protection Portfolio Holder for Epping Forest District Council said: The feedback from residents following the delivery of the new wheelie bins in Waltham Abbey has been very positive. People see the enormous environmental benefits of switching to the new system of refuse collection as well as the long-term financial benefit of avoiding costly increases in landfill disposal costs. For many people, wheelie bins also represent a much more practical, secure and convenient means of waste disposal than the old black sack method.

Residents who have their refuse collected on Tuesdays are to be in the next phase of the transfer to the new refuse and recycling scheme. People living in Buckhurst Hill, Nazeing and Roydon as well as part of Waltham Abbey and Epping are due to receive wheelie bins in February. A leaflet will be delivered to each household, letting residents know roughly when to expect their new bins and how the new scheme works.

For more information log on to www.eppingforestdc.gov.uk or call Environmental Services on 01992 564608.






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