Crucial Crew Pupils Learn Personal Safety

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Over 1,300 pupils visited Gilwell Park in Chingford from Monday 8 June to Friday 19 June 2009 to take part in the annual Crucial Crew event.

Crucial Crew is an interactive safety initiative based around key life skills that target 10 to 11 year old children. Crucial Crew teaches children how to tackle the dangers they may encounter in everyday life and helps prevent them, in a very interactive way, becoming involved in crime.

Pupils were taught how put somebody in the recovery position

It is designed to help the children to cope with dangerous situations, accept responsibility for their own safety, learn social responsibility and make sensible decisions based on acquired knowledge.

Pupils shown a mock up of a road accident involving a young cyclist

    Crucial Crew is based very firmly on four principles:

  • Children learn by doing
  • Crime prevention and personal safety education can be challenging and exciting
  • Everyone is concerned about crime prevention and personal safety
  • The most effective way of tackling the problem is a partnership approach

Chairman Penny Smith with Crucial Crew 2009 staff

Superintendent Simon Williams, Essex Police said: “Crucial Crew is a fun way to prepare children to remain safe in a variety of emergency situations and to be aware of dangers they are likely to encounter as they advance through life. Messages are conveyed through interactive role play allowing children to react to the problems they encounter and to learn how to make the correct choices about their personal safety.

Pupils shown the importance of recyclingThis year children each received a copy of our new personal safety workbook with further information and advice on dealing with dangerous situations and how to make positive choices regarding behaviour. The publication, with an introduction by John Gilbert, Chair of the Epping Forest District Safer Communities Partnership, complements the Crucial Crew experience and will act as both a classroom and family resource.

David J Bailey, Head Teacher at Stapleford Abbotts Primary School said: “Pupils and teachers both found Crucial Crew to be an exciting and informative event. It raised issues around crime prevention and personal safety that schools find difficult to address in the classroom. The feedback from pupils who attended was extremely positive and I hope that all the children take on board the importance of personal safety.”

Debbie Towns from the All Ways Educating said: They all really enjoyed the way the scenarios were presented and they have discussed it at length ever since! All parents and children were extremely impressed at how well organised the session was.

James from All Ways Educating wrote: Dear Crucial Crew, I learnt very much including how to put somebody in the recovery position, how to avoid peer pressure and many more interesting things to do. I enjoyed it very much and I hope you can do this again.

Sally Smalley from All Ways Educating wrote: My boys were buzzing when they came out of Crucial Crew this morning. They were really impacted by it and keep mentioning things they had learnt. They particularly liked the discussion on bullying as they have experienced this and were glad to hear they did the right thing.

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