Council tax staff act up in Loughton

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Students at the East 15 Acting School in Loughton were helped by council tax staff during their induction week in an innovative new scheme to reduce administration costs and ease stress on students.

On Wednesday 1 October council tax staff helped 240 students register their council tax student certificate, enabling them to be exempt from or pay a reduced rate of council tax. This is the second year the council has worked with the Student Support team and sent council tax staff to the East 15 Acting School during their induction week.

Students Radu Zatreanu and Greta Petkova

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Council tax for students

Full-time students are not usually counted when calculating the council tax and if everyone living at the property is a full-time student, no-one is counted and the property is exempt. This means there is nothing to pay. To claim the reduction or exemption, the council must see the student certificate, which is provided by the education provider.

Many of the students were first year students and come from outside the Epping Forest district. Council tax staff also gave advice on behalf of other councils including Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Havering and Tower Hamlets among many others.

Fantastic new scheme

Peter Freeman, Council Tax Officer said: “This fantastic new scheme works well for both the council and students. It allows us to get the correct paperwork from students at the start of the year, avoiding unnecessary administration costs and stress to the students.”

“The students also use the opportunity to ask us questions on a variety of topics ranging from ‘what and how can I recycle?’, ‘where do I catch the bus?’ and even ‘where’s the nearest restaurant?’.

Successful registration of our students

Andrew McCarthy, Student Support Officer said: “We have been working closely with Epping Forrest District Council to ensure all our students are registered and the required paperwork has been completed. During induction week we encourage our students to integrate with the local community. Part of this process is ensuring council tax certificates are submitted successfully.”

“Over the past 2 years our links with the council tax department have grown and we are delighted with the presence on campus to enable the successful registration of our students.”

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