London Explosions

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Following the closure of the London Underground and London Bus networks, Epping Forest District Council has put members of its emergency planning team on standby and alerted senior councillors.

Councillor John Knapman, Leader of Epping Forest District Council said: Many of us will have seen the distressing images from London on our TVs this morning. So far we understand that the London authorities are dealing with the situation and we have not been asked to assist. However, as a district with Central Line services and many residents who commute to work in London each day, we are obviously concerned and keeping the situation under review.

Councillor Knapman added: This is not a time for speculation or needlessly increasing the concern of family and friends who will already be trying to contact loved ones. The District Council is one small cog in a large machine of London-based organisations and neighbouring authorities which sadly have to plan and prepare against the day when such events as this may happen.

Councillor Brian Sandler, Chairman of Epping Forest District Council added to Councillor Knapman’s comments. He said: My heart goes out to everyone who has been touched by the terrible events in London. Yesterday, London received the best possible news when the world community placed its faith in us to deliver the 2012 Olympic Games. As a nation we are renowned for rising to challenges and overcoming adversity. Those people who seek to terrorise us do not understand the spirit and determination of the British people. London has received a grievous blow but I know we will recover from these acts. Now is the moment for us to pull together as a nation and as a community.

Councillor Sandler added: “It will be my privilege in the next few weeks to attend ceremonies to commemorate the end of the last World War and remember those who gave their lives in the defence of our peace, security and freedom. I know these events, like the events of 60 years ago, will unite us and make us more determined than ever never to give in to such atrocities. The terrorists must not win.”


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