#SteppingUp cube comes to Epping

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The #SteppingUp multi-coloured cube came to Epping High Street on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 January 2015 to promote the #SteppingUp campaign. #SteppingUp is all about the little things we can do to make life better.

The cube will also be visiting Braintree, Chelmsford, Colchester and Basildon in Essex during January and February.

Multi-coloured cube in Epping High St

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The #SteppingUp campaign puts the spotlight on 5 simple steps people can take which can have a hugely beneficial effect personally, in communities and for public services.

The 5 simple steps people are being encouraged to take are

  1. Volunteering – this could be anything from neighbourhood watch to coaching at sporting clubs
  2. Providing informal care – for example checking on vulnerable older neighbours
  3. Giving children the best start in life – encouraging parents to take more responsibility for their child’s development and wellbeing
  4. Keeping healthy and active – encouraging people to take more care of their own health and lead healthier lifestyles
  5. Reusing and recycling more – 52.6% of all household waste is now being recycled, composted or reused in Essex. We want to work with residents to encourage more use of kerb side recycling collections -recycling waste is a sustainable way of managing household waste and helps to look after the environment of Essex.

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Find out more and sign up at http://www.steppingup-essex.org/.