Councillors shown how recycling is sorted

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Councillors were shown how the district’s recycling is sorted at Biffa’s materials recovery facility in Edmonton. Taken on a tour of the materials recovery facility on Wednesday 18 February 2015, they saw how the district’s material is separated out before being sent on to different re-processors.

Simon Crook, Biffa Operations Director, Cllr Will Breare-Hall and David Marsh, Waste & Recycling Manager

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The facility at Edmonton is fitted out with some of the most modern technology for the high quality processing of recyclable materials. The group were given a tour of the facility and were able to pose questions to Biffa’s Production, Scheduling and Inventory Manager.

New recycling services

Biffa started collecting the district’s recycling and waste in November 2014. They introduced the collection of food and drink cartons, commonly known as Tetrapaks, and in May 2015 small items of waste domestic electrical and electronic equipment, such as irons, kettles, toasters, audio equipment etc., will be collected weekly.

Also in May, Biffa will start what are known as ‘one pass’ recycling collections. These are made possible by brand new, more efficient, collection vehicles that have 2 separate compartments, one for dry recyclables and one for glass containers.

This will provide a fortnightly same day, same time, collection for all dry recyclables, meaning fewer collection vehicles on the roads, less traffic congestion, and lower vehicle emissions.

One of the UK’s top recycling authorities

Councillor Will Breare-Hall, Environment Portfolio Holder, said: “It was fascinating to see how our recycling is sorted and then bulked up and taken to re-processors to be recycled into new materials. Nothing from Biffa’s materials recovery facility goes to landfill so Epping Forest residents can be confident that their commitment to recycling is making a real difference.”

“Our new partnership with Biffa offers residents an even better service and helps us to maintain our position as one of the UK’s top recycling authorities.”